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  • Narrative Essay On Mathilde Dia

    It was a beautiful night. Starry, with a pitch black sky, firmly stretched across the village. I switched on the television as i entered. Except for the sound of the news presenter that blasted, the room was completely silent. “The first female Australian prime minister, Julia Gillard, has visited the Rwamiko school in Rwanda earlier today.” I glanced at the screen, riveted by the fiery, red headed middle aged woman that appeared alongside numerous children and a Regal sunbird that watched over them in a tree. “Female domination indeed! She’s actually been prime minister for two years! Cheers to females!” Cried Banji, his hands flying as he clapped with excitement. “I have never felt better about being a woman. I guess this is what people feared after all,” I added, careless about what father would’ve thought. “Female domination you say?” scoffed father, his face wrinkled, “such a big —“ Being a twenty- two year old female, I was still restricted to many things because of this lunatic. My eyes penetrated through…

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  • Roles Of Women In Roman Empires

    During both the Roman and Persian Empires, women played an important and pivotal role in their societies. These women held both public and political positions in their empires, and possessed the authority that women in previous times had never had before. Both the Roman and Persian women who obtained this power did so in different ways, and these women also both conducted themselves differently once obtaining this uncommon privilege. Livia and Esther were both some of the first patricians in…

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  • Short Biography Of Julia Pastrana

    the birth of Julia Pastrana are somewhat blurred, it is likely that she was born somewhere on the Western slopes of Mexico’s Sierra Madre. It is believed that she was born in the year 1834. At that time, her physical characteristics of thick lips, wide ears and excessive hair growth caused great confusion: Some individuals theorized that she was the offspring of a human and an ape, a bear or a baboon, which led to her nicknames, ‘The Bear Woman,’ ‘The Baboon Lady’ and ‘The Ape Woman.’ Author…

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  • Personal Narrative-Julia's Home

    Julia took another large sip of her white wine. The date she was one—the fourth date in the span of a week—was proceeding at a pace Julia perceived as very slow. She looks down at her phone to check the time, and sees it has only been a minute since her date—Claude—left to take a phone call. “Gods and goddesses, please make this more bearable,” Julia grumbled underneath her breath seconds before her date appeared again at their table. “So, where was I?” Claude asked, returning to his seat,…

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  • Julia's Redwood Forest Case Study

    went by the name of Julia Butterfly Hill headed on a trip to California’s Redwood National and State Park. While visiting the forest Julia was captivated by the beauty and natural history of the forest to the point that she felt a spiritual harmony with her surroundings. In just two short weeks to Julia’s dismay she found out that a great social injustice was occurring the same forest that she had just visited. Pacific Lumber, a local logging company was cutting down the trees in the forest and…

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  • How Does Julia Hill Protect The Environment

    advocates the protection of the environment.” There are dozens of great environmentalists that have changed the world today. One that stuck out in particular was Julia Hill. Julia Hill was a woman who at the age of 22 affected the Redwood forest in a spectacular way. Julia was born in Mount Vernon, Missouri on February 18th, 1974. She spent the first ten years of her life playing outside of her father's travel trailer at campsites. Their family traveled across the country following her…

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  • Julia Gillard's Speech On Sexism

    to be looking at such recent history. I’m really into European monarchs, particularly the Tudor Dynasty. So when I read the words Courtesans and Conquest, I imagined lectures on Elizabeth the first and court intrigue; not Julia Gillard’s speech on sexism (hopefully there’ll be a Liz 1st mention down the track). Usually, what comes to mind when I think of Julia Gillard, is the gag video of her falling over in India being shown everywhere. That and all of the memes about her floating around…

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  • Machiavelli The Fox And The Lion Analysis

    one must be equally both. With a 24/7 media cycle that turns weeks into hours, 21st century politics have become unforgiving and unrelenting of errors. Julia Gillard’s succession over Kevin Rudd in 2010 saw her ability to be both fox and lion, distinguishing herself as effectively dealing with the Senate, managing her Party and making decisions, all of which Rudd lacked. Though Machiavelli is correct in stating that a political leader needs to be both alert and cunning (fox) as well as brave and…

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  • Jane Edwards's Arguments Against Same-Sex Marriage

    Primarily both Gillard’s and Abbott’s views show a distinct understanding of issues of legalising gay marriage, unlike Anna Bligh’s response who is ‘for’ the legalisation of same sex marriage in society and allowing same sex couples to have equal human rights. According to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald on the 30th June, 2010, Julia Gillard opposed her thoughts in relation to same sex marriage. In her article to the Sydney Morning Herald, she said that “we believe the marriage act is…

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  • Lister's Three Levels Of Citizenship Analysis

    United Kingdom (Atkeson 2003; Atkeson and Carrillo 2007; Norris, Lovenduski and Campbell 2004; Wolbrecht and Campbell 2007, p 923-924). Furthermore, greater political activity of young women in particular is shown to be correlated with a higher percentage of female politicians in the young woman’s country (Wolbrecht and Campbell 2007, p 936). No such studies have been conducted in Australia. However, there was a study conducted in 2013-2014 which investigated the effect the sexist treatment…

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