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  • The Night Face Up By Julio Cortazar

    The Separation between the Fantastic and the Real in the Stories of Julio Cortázar Throughout the following research paper, we will develop the literary analysis of the stories "The night face up” “After lunch” “The Axolotl” and “Cefalea” by Julio Cortazar. I chose this author because we can enjoy his literature in which reality is transformed into fantasy, which catches us and forces us to interpret it. The author chosen belongs to the "boom" of Latin American literature. That is why his style is avant-garde and uses surrealism as the only way to represent reality. The main characteristic of his fantastic narrative is the application of unusual and suggestive elements; always part of daily situations combined with paranormal…

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  • Magical Realism In The Old Gringo By Carlos Fuentes

    Delve into a miraculous and profoundly dreamlike world. A world and lifestyle where the basic fundamentals of life are intertwined with unquestionable magical occurrences. Envision a human being with great virtue spontaneously floating and reflecting in the vibrant light of the sun. Imagine an elderly man naturally tossing a peso into the air and piercing it with a Colt .44 single action revolver. These are prime examples of the unquestionable magic that defines the literary movement of magical…

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  • Bernal Diaz's The Conquest Of New Spain: Analysis

    In the narrative of western history there is no shortage of Westerners oppressing people from different cultures. There is also no shortage of white, powerful men oppressing people within their own culture. Throughout colonial western European history, society compelled individuals to fulfill their assigned role that language stereotyped them as. If they did not, Westerns would destroy them so that there was no evidence they didn’t match the stereotype. When Colonizers encounter those they call…

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  • The Downfall Of The Spanish Conquistadors

    Intro In 1522, the Aztecs was a Mesoamerican civilisation at the height of its power, atop its pedestal conquering neighbouring territories back and forth. A far cry from the downfall they would experience soon after. Despite the fact that they were at the height of their power, more than a few factors were already leading to the culmination of their demise even before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors. The ever so-popular ‘tradition’ of human sacrifice with Mesoamerican civilizations due…

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  • Compare And Contrast Christopher Columbus And Hernando Cortes

    The New World had many encounters, but two remarkable interactions with natives and explorers are that of Christopher Columbus and Hernando Cortes. Christopher Columbus was on orders from the King of Spain to travel a new route to find India and introduce them to a new religion. In 1492, Columbus reached what he thought was India; however, he was mistaken so now it is known as the West Indies because of this belief. At the beginning of the 16th century, Cortes set sail for Meso-America also for…

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  • Reasons For The Fall Of The Aztec Empire

    Fall of Aztec Empire For many years now, historians have pondered upon the many reasons for the fall of the Aztec Empire. There have been many factors that played into the fall of the Empire, such as the diseases plaguing the population, the Spaniard’s technological advantages, religious rivalries, alliances, and the list goes on. But to focus on two of the major contributors, this essay will focus on the effects of European diseases on Mexico, and the impact alliances between the Spaniards…

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  • How Did The Haitian Revolution Influence The Development Of Latin America?

    Latin America is an area on the map that is denoted as the countries that speak Spanish and Portuguese within the Americas. This area encloses 20 states starting from the border of North America to the end of South America. This region was first known as the home of a group of people who had one of the most advanced civilizations, the Aztecs, Incas and Mayans. This was before the arrival of the Europeans during the end of the 15th and peak of the 16th centuries. There were many vital events…

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  • Analysis Of Sundiata By D. T. Niane And The Conquest Of New Spain

    During the thirteenth and the sixteenth century, the colonization and conquering of empires lead to contact between different cultures. In Sundiata by D.T. Niane and The Conquest of New Spain by Bernal Díaz women in the Mali, Aztec, and Spanish Empires were treated as objects. While there might be some differences in these empire’s customs, there are more similarities than differences that show how women were seen as objects and inferior to men, as women do not decide who they marry and have no…

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  • Unit 1 Vocab: Exchange And Interactions

    Unit 1 Vocab Exchange & Interactions (WXT,ENV) Corn - One of the many crops from the Americas that was brought over to Europe through the Columbian Exchange as a result of Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the New World. Horses - A form of transportation and livestock from Europe that brought itself to the Americas via the Columbian Exchange. Horses heavily aided in the Spanish conquest of the Aztecs and Incas. However, the Aztecs and Incas would later utilize horses for transportation and…

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  • How Did Cortes Influence The Conquest Of The Aztecs

    As conqueror of the Aztec Empire in Mexico, explorer of Guatemala and Honduras, and leader of the first expeditions to California, Spanish conquistador Hernando Cortés contributed significantly to the establishment of European domination in America. More particularly we see his contribution to Spanish prominence in both Central and South America. His conquests helped shape the origins and history of the southwestern United States and Mexico. Spaniards initially occupied the New World in order to…

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