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  • Feminism, Nation And Myth: La Malinche, By Richard Rodriguez

    In the passage “India”, Richard Rodriguez argues that rather than being an act of conquest, the Indian/European interaction as not always uniformly violent or exploitative; instead [he argues], it was a complex series of profit and transformative exchanges. Both the Indian and European cultures made visible advancements by coming to the new world. The Europeans had begun global trading network, and therefore, trading with other cultures became easier. Rodriquez argues that the Indian people…

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  • Aztec Society Research Paper

    The advancement of Aztecan society is known as one of the most magnificent developments in history. In the words of the column, “Aztec Culture and Society,” this group’s rise to power is one of the most remarkable. Originating from a land classified as Aztlan— or better translated as the White Land (History.com Staff, 2009)— the Aztecs began as a simple system of peoples. Historians believe they were possibly nomadic, traveling from the northern valleys. Their conditions were explicitly scarce.…

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  • The Fall Of The Aztec Empire Essay

    If left up to the text of the 16th century the fall of the Aztec Empire would be accredited only to Cortes, but as Kevin O. Collins stressed in The Fatal Flaws of the Aztec Empire we see that we must look past the conquest and look more to the political, and religious view of the Aztec. Writers, such as William Prescott saw the flaws in the manuscripts written by those under Cortes and stressed that it was the mismanagement of Tenochtitlan that caused its fall. Unfortunately for this paper I…

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  • Spanish Conquest Essay

    In 1519, Spanish explorers, under the leadership of Hernán Cortés, set foot on what is now modern-day Mexico in search of gold and land in the Aztec Empire. Although the Spanish initially had no intentions (or orders from Cuban governor Diego Velásquez for whom they made the voyage) to colonize the Aztec Empire, they sought to communicate with the inhabitants and spread their Christian faith. However, the end of 1521 saw the mighty Aztec Empire practically cease to exist, its emperor Montezuma…

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  • The Goddess Coatlicue Analysis

    1. The title of this sculpture is The Goddess Coatlicue. She stands at eight feet, six inches, and is located in the Museo Nacional de Antropologia in Mexico City. An Aztec sculptor created her out of an igneous rock called basalt. This black or gray colored rock is fine-grained and forms from lava as small amounts shoot out of volanoes and cool quickly. This statue was originally discovered in 1790, but was immediately reburied due to its terrifying nature.…

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  • Spanish Conquest Of America Essay

    Dominating the America’s was one of the smartest decisions the Spanish could have made in the 1500’s. Bankrolling Columbus’ expedition fashioned several opportunities for the boundless empire. This colonization brought numerous characteristics for possibilities at a new life. They had an instance to obtain areas of rich land and develop their realm across the sea. Soon to find out, the Spanish weren’t the only ones there nor the first people in the America’s. Long before them, the invaders…

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  • Hernan Cortes Dbq Essay

    On the sandy shores of Mexico in 1519, Hernan Cortes strode off of his ship and stepped into unfamiliar territory. Around the small group of conquistadors was a half-naked crowd of native Aztec people – people who thought that Cortes was a messenger from their gods. Little did these so-called savages know, within a few short years millions of their race would be massacred and their way of life would be destroyed. Up and down the coast of the New World, Europeans took advantage of the weaker and…

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  • Brutality In The Eyes Of The Native American Analysis

    The Building of America Through Brutality in the Eyes of the Native American. The Epic event that started annihilation of the Native Americans. This began on a November afternoon in 1519 where Cortez and Bernal Diaz was on an expedition and came across Mexico. It was something that they could never describe or imagine. It was an empire built on extreme intelligence and sophistication by the Native Americans called Aztec Indians. Diaz was dazzled by the experience he…

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  • The Aztecs

    Did you know that the word Aztec was given to them by Europeans ? They actually called themselves Mexica which is where the name Mexico comes from . Westerners that visited the lands called them Aztec due to the original place named Aztlan that they had visited many centuries ago.The Aztec empire was one of the most powerful civilizations in Mesoamerica at the time. The pyramid of Tenochtitlan means “the city of where the gods were created” .The city was constructed on top of a lake which it no…

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  • Spanish Empire Vs Mexica Empire

    The impact of hierarchy on the social structures and religion of both the Spanish and the Mexica empire before and after contact led to the Spanish conquest of the Mexica empire. Hierarchies were fundamental aspects of both the Spanish and Mexica empires, and permeated through all aspects of society, including religion. When the two groups interacted for the first time, they established a hierarchical relationship with the Spanish being superior to the Mexica. This allowed for the Spanish…

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