Native American Brrutality Essay

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The Building of America Through Brutality in the Eyes of the Native American.

The Epic event that started annihilation of the Native Americans. This began on a November afternoon in 1519 where Cortez and Bernal Diaz was on an expedition and came across Mexico. It was something that they could never describe or imagine. It was an empire built on extreme intelligence and sophistication by the Native Americans called Aztec Indians. Diaz was dazzled by the experience he compared the vision as a European city scrapes (Restall xiii). Aztec Indians culture eluded the minds of the Spaniards due to the phenomenal extreme architect. The Native Americans were astonished by the Spaniards thinking that there were gods. The native had never seen ships an men that wore armor on horses before. Cortez found it as an opportunity once he saw the riches of gold and silver amongst the Native American. He took control using his conquistador the battle begins as the quest to take over Mexico from the Native Americans. Even though the Native American were in mass in numbers about a million are more in size. Nevertheless, The Spaniard had huge artillery, ships that fires huge fire
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Doing this time Christopher Columbus had heard word of what had happened. Consequently, Cortez and Bernal has discovered Mexico. At that time things weren’t going well for Christopher Columbus but he also wanted to be a part of the process of finding Americas. The islands that Columbus accidentally discovered in the Caribbean was a part of Portuguese (Restall p.9). Columbus wasn 't having any success and his career was extremely mutilated. So he exaggerated about his voyage to Queen Elizabeth. He signed a contract promising to find America 's doing this time Christopher Columbus expressed his knowledge of how the world was shaped. Some of his colleagues thought the world was flat (Restall

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