How Did Christopher Columbus Changed American History

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There is a lot that has happened in the past, good and bad. Some historical events bring us to where we are now today. Although, some events and historical figures get overlooked in History classes. However, one event or person that does not get overlooked during the discussion of the past is Christopher Columbus being accredited with finding America. We all know that Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492, trying to get to India for spices and he happened to “discover” America. Christopher Columbus was an interesting man who changed human history.
Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy. His father was a wool merchant and he also had two brothers. Columbus was married to Dona Felipa, but she soon passed after giving birth to their son,
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He wanted to get to Hispaniola, where he previously left his men. As soon as he got there, he noticed that his men fought with the natives and were killed in the process. Though this voyage turned out differently than Columbus expected, some good did come out of it. This second voyage brought livestock and settlers to America.
His third voyage was to find mainland China. This voyage was to find gold and to seek court of the Mongolia emperor of China. He landed in Cuba, thinking it was China and got two men to look for the emperor, who they did not find.
The majority of Columbus’ voyages were important, but they are not discussed as much among history courses. One voyage that is brought up in every history class is Columbus “discovering” the New World. It is said that Christopher Columbus founded America, but in reality people have been living in the New World long before Columbus “discovered” it. Columbus’ discovery changed the way the Native Americans and Europeans lived.
When Columbus landed in America, he wrote a letter to the King Sanchez and Queen Isabella. In his letter he wrote, “On the thirty-third day after Cadiz I came into the Indian Sea, where I discovered many island inhabited by numerous people”(Columbus). When the news became publicized, Europeans were suddenly interested in what there was to offer in the New

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