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  • What Is Carlos Fuentes Attitude Toward The Native Americans

    1. Carlos Fuentes described the civilization discovered by the European in a way that seems, that the native’s people progression has halted and they needed help from others who are more advance (European). Fuentes mentioned the Eurocentric view of why the native people were not advancing. He said “they [Indians] were blessed by nature, but dwarfed by it,” most scholars believe that the Indians were “lazy,” thus making their civilization backwards compared to the rest of the world. However, that…

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  • Aztec Civilization: Feather Shield

    Artifact 1: Feather Shield Picture/Source Aztec civilization feather shield (Mexico, Aztec civilization. feather shield with linear meander design incorporating eye motifs. From Mexican Altiplano) Description/Source These Shields were used by Aztecs in battle. The Aztecs were a warrior civilization, and this shield represents that. The Aztecs built their empire on tribute from conquered places. (Mexico, Aztec civilization. feather shield with linear meander design incorporating eye motifs. From…

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  • The Aztec Account Of The Conquest Of Mexico And The Conquest Of New Spain, By Bernal Diaz

    While the idea that the arrival of Europeans to “The New World” brought upon the indigenous cultures of America no small amount of strife and misery, as well as fame and fortune upon the Spanish is widely accepted as fact, there is limitless dissention among historians about the true history of the conquest of “New Spain”. One event that exemplifies this dissention is that of the Siege of Tenochtitlan. In the following analysis I will describe and discuss two conflicting accounts that document…

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  • Leadership Traits Of Hernan Cortes

    Hernan Cortes was a Spanish conquistador and explorer that traveled from Spain to the New World when he was only 19. In the New World, he commanded just 600 soldiers and was able to conquer the Aztec empire who commanded tens of thousands of men. He was able to perform this astonishing feat by using strategy, ruthlessness, cunning, and an extreme amount of luck. After his conquest in the New World, Cortes became the governor of New Spain. After seven years of being the governor he was appointed…

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  • Huitzilison's Song Of The Hummingbird By Graciela Limon

    In Song of the Hummingbird, the book describes the story of an indigenous woman named Huitzitzilin who explains her story to a Spanish monk. The Spanish monk finds her story to be fascinating because it is not what he was taught back in Spain. He sympathizes with her and begins to see the conquest through her perspective. She details the events that her people endured at the hands of Cortes and his Spanish conquerors. The text is organized by chapters as Huitzitzilin reiterates her story to…

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  • Hernan Cortes Summary

    The interaction between the explorers from Western Europe and the indigenous people of North and South America was shaped by the different cultures and beliefs that each come from. Over the course of several hundreds of years, many different explorers from Western Europe made the voyage to the Americas. Whether they were exploring the different bodies of land in the search of riches, or conquering the indigenous people that resided there, the attitudes of the men that traveled there were shaped…

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  • Spanish Colonization Essay

    The Spanish exploration of America brought many new foods, types of plants, and forms of wealth to the European world. The wealth brought to Spain from the Americas came at a cost that was paid for by the enslavement and the sufferings of Native Americans and eventually the Africans. The Spanish colonization from 1492 to 1700 was motivated by religious conversion of all peoples in America and the desire for wealth and profit that had a significant impact on the lives of Native Americans and…

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  • Governor Velasquez Analysis

    Upon arriving in Hispaniola he preceded to colonize the island immediately. Therefore, Cortés equally sought the value of Velasquez spirit and mimicked the desire of leadership. The fallout of Cortés and Velasquez can be told with many versions. Cortés’s refusal of marriage to a sister of the wife of Diego Velasquez landed him exiled from the land he had helped establish. Hernando was incarcerated and placed on a ship back to Spain under the order of Governor Velasquez. Following multiple…

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  • Mighty Corn Essay

    The Mighty Corn It is fascinating to understand how a tiny seed enabled our ancestors to build massive empires and sustain themselves for thousands of years. Going back to the indigenous people during the pre-Columbian era, all the way down to the conquest of Cortez, it is clear to see how corn made possible the development of societies, cultures, and beliefs. Even today, the domestication of corn plays a major role in the way our society operates, especially in the latino communities. People…

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  • Fall Of The Aztec Empire Essay

    The Aztecs, as they are known, were a group of people who originated as a nomadic tribe in northern Mexico. Although the origins of the Aztecs are uncertain, they "are believed to begun as a northern tribe of hunter-gatherers whose name came from that of their homeland, Aztlan (“White Land”)." The Aztecs were also known as the Tenochca derived from their capital city, Tenochtitlan, and the Mexica. The Aztec empire was built in 1428 under leader Itzcoatl, forming a three-way alliance with the…

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