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  • What Are The Pros And Cons Of Solar Energy

    farmers as wind turbines are installed, land owners would largely profit in property tax. As a source of clean energy and alternative to coal, wind plants in Western Australia have generates about $1 million per year in property tax revenue, as Julia Gillard said in 2011, “wind power will be a vital component in reaching our renewable energy and economic targets.” However, turbines can only produce electricity only when the wind blows, there this variability may effect the efficiency of power…

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  • Essay On Nuclear Technology In Australia

    Australia should definitely produce nuclear technology. Throughout this point in time, Australia is one of the few developed countries not using nuclear technology and energy. Nuclear has been used for over 50 years and supplies nuclear power to over 32 countries, without producing signs of any emissions. Therefore, Australia should develop nuclear technology as the geology of Australia is perfectly stable for the production of nuclear technology and more importantly, we have abundant uranium…

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  • Advance Australia Fair Essay

    Advance Australia Fair. Many people have different meanings for this phrase. Some think it means that we must “advance our country to conquer others”; and that we must be the best. Some believe that to advance means to advance in technology, and that we should be the producers of projects inducing millions, but in fact, Advance Australia Fair does not mean any of these things. Along with our multicultural country, we should accept people of different cultures and religions into our communities.…

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  • Muslim Immigrants In Germany

    In the last year, Islamic religion has been discussed among people, countries and media all over the world with much more intensity than ever before. There are many reasons why Islam became discussed on daily basis in western world, such as increasing number of Muslim immigrants in western European countries, or recent actions and terrorist attacks of radical group of Islamic State. Although immigrants were highly welcomed by governments of several western European countries in the past,…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Refugees In Australia

    Introduction Australia is a ‘receiving’ country and bears the responsibility as an international citizen to take in asylum seekers. The Parliament of Australia defines asylum-seekers as “individuals who have sought international protection and whose claims for refugee status have not yet been determined. Those covered [by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR)] refer to claimants whose individual applications are pending, irrespective of when they may have been lodged.” This…

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  • Food And Nutrition Analysis

    Introduction. Food is essential to human’s health and wellbeing, it is very important to have a good understanding of what kind of food we are eating. Food choices that influence and affect our knowledge of the several mechanisms. According to The edition of Australia’s food & nutrition in 2012 proposals about our nutrition and food structure. A comprehensive and better knowledge of food and nutrition scheme is life-threatening and need a quiz respond, in order to avoid the risk that may…

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  • Whistleblower Effect On Society

    soldiers shooting down unarmed Iraqi citizens, threw whistleblowers into the spotlight. The question on everyone’s minds was, “What is so bad about whistleblowers?” - Assange was cast in such a negative light, especially by then-Prime Minister Julia Gillard through various media platforms, achieving enormous reach throughout Australia and internationally. This convinced many people that what Assange and other whistleblowers achieved was wrong, but they had their questions as to why exactly it…

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  • Hegemonic Masculinity

    The term “patriarchy” has been used to describe the social system of men holding the power and authority. Since the 1960s, feminist are working hard to spread the awareness of how patriarchy system related to the inequality treatment existing in both genders (Cranny, 2003). It is argued that different sectors in the world such as labour force, education, politics and more has been undergoing a domination of male, known as “hegemonic masculinity”. Since this phenomenon of hegemonic masculinity…

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  • Ethnic Diversity In Australia

    The development of Australia’s culture and ethnic diversity from 1945 to the present time has been primarily been shaped by the revolution of official government migration policies. The changes in policies allowed waves of many different migrants from all around the world to re settle in Australia. The end of World War II marked a turning point in Australia’s views of migration as Australia thought necessary they make an impact in the new world order. Since then migration policies of cultural…

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