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  • Lister's Three Levels Of Citizenship Analysis

    Lister (2004, p 324) writes that citizenship, in both theory and practice, is simultaneously grounded in inclusion and exclusion. Throughout history, women have been denied full access to citizenship. Citizenship is said to encompass rights and duties. Women have been denied equal rights to men and have not enjoyed equal political participation (Lister 2004, p 326). Furthermore, domestic duties—duties that have been traditionally and are still overwhelmingly female dominated—are not considered…

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  • Why Is Australia So Powerful

    Whitlam. The 22th Prime Minister was Malcolm Fraser. The 23th Prime Minister was Bob Hawke. The 24th Prime Minister was Paul Keating. The 25th Prime Minister was John Howard. The 26th Prime Minister was Kevin Rudd. The 27th Prime MInister was Julia Gillard. The 28th Prime Minister was Tony Abbott. The 29th Prime minister is Malcolm Turnbull. Malcolm Turnbulls party was Liberal. Tony Abbotts party was also Liberal. John Howard's party was also Liberal. In Australia the gas is $6.75!!!! That…

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  • What Are The Neo-Didactic Pedagogical Approaches To Teaching Literacy?

    the banner of multiliteracies which include listening to, reading, viewing, speaking, writing and creating oral, print, visual and digital texts, and using and modifying language for different purposes. In 2008 the then Minister for Education Julia Gillard announced that co-operation between states and territories “will see a…

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  • Difference Between Asylum Seekers And Refugees

    It can be argued that most news outlets identified the ALP as weak in terms of its border protection policies thus laid out a narrative to attack the Rudd/Gillard Government. In response, the ALP shifted its asylum seeker policies closer to the Liberal/Nationals position on immigration, following the same deterrence-focused measures and policies and a reintroduction of third country offshore processing (Phillips…

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  • Political Truth Analysis

    Politics hold one truth and that is, there is no simple truth. Political truth is adaptable, mutable and most of all relative. Sometimes it is even absent and even worst sometimes irrelevant. This is difficult for people as it is not the way we live our lives and this is perhaps the reason there is such a big wedge and difference between politics, politicians and people, for most people a sense of honesty underpins the way we deal with each other. Prime ministers ask the public to place their…

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  • Cultural Differences: The Importance Of Diversity In Schools

    threatening. Any 'federation of cultures ' marked by an acceptance on all sides of equality and the right to difference is rejected. In contrast, in 2011 Prime Minister Julia Gillard (Labor Party) declared that Australia is, and should be, 'a multicultural society ', one in which diversity is not only acknowledged but also embraced. In Gillard 's terms, 'Australia is a multicultural country. We sing "Australians all" because we are. ' The government also endorsed both diversity and unity,…

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  • Paul Keating's Legend About Identity

    mateship is a key component in the Australian Identity. Even Julia Gillard supported John Howard when In 2004, John Howard he said, “An Australia bound together by the common bonds of egalitarianism and mateship, an Australia made up of people proudly drawn from the four corners of the earth - all of them making a wonderful…

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  • Ambition And Morality In William Shakespeare's Macbeth

    Although Shakespeare wrote Macbeth in 1606, and the play was set during the 11th century, many of the concepts and themes within the play are still relevant in the modern world. Contemporary politics around the globe still resonate with the themes of ambition, corruption and often-vicious competition depicted in Macbeth. Another psychological element we see at work both in the play and in modern day life is the power of suggestion and the tension between free will and fate – essentially, if an…

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  • Epping Housing Market Analysis

    Five years ago the median house price in Epping is around $700,000.00 whereas currently the median house price in Epping is around or just over the $1,000,000.00 mark. The median house price in Epping has risen roughly by more than 40% within the last 5 years, which illustrates that demand is definitely high. 2. Recent and future trends in Epping housing market One contributory factor for this high demand could be because of the trend in the current levels of immigration, which is…

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  • Labour Party In Australia

    Australian Labor Party is the oldest political organization in the political history of Australia, since it was formed in the 1890s and it had a representative in the first federal government that was elected in 1901. The major purpose of its formation was the early trade unions that existed by that period, and since then, it has maintained a close relationship with the trade unions in Australia. The party’s national platform provides the supporters and members with a clear outline of labor’s…

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