Julia's Redwood Forest Case Study

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On a fall day, back in November of 1997 a lady who went by the name of Julia Butterfly Hill headed on a trip to California’s Redwood National and State Park. While visiting the forest Julia was captivated by the beauty and natural history of the forest to the point that she felt a spiritual harmony with her surroundings. In just two short weeks to Julia’s dismay she found out that a great social injustice was occurring the same forest that she had just visited. Pacific Lumber, a local logging company was cutting down the trees in the forest and destroying a local ecosystem. Pacific Lumber’s actions awoke in inner calling inside of Julia that led her to take a stand in preserving on of the earth’s natural habitat by participating in a tree sitting …show more content…
With corporations who practice political lobbying in order to get government officials to do them favors the issue becomes whether or not ethical practices are followed. In the case involving Pacific Lumber the Redwood forest was the ecosystem that was harmed and many wildlife and homeowners suffered the consequences. When government steps aside and ignores their responsibilities the people who voted them into office suffer because their concerns go unnoted. That is why people like Granny D felt the need to walk across the country in order to bring more attention to the influences of corporate money being used in political campaigns. The final issue that was covered in this paper was one that I find to be offensive that is a social issue that needs to change. Julia Hill faced many occasions where she faced plain old ignorance from the workers and media groups who labeled her as an ugly tree loving hippy who had nothing better to do with her life. Julia used her intellectual knowledge to formulate a strategy to break down the stereotypical nature of those who were insensitive to her cause. Because of Julia’s perseverance in the face of adversity she has gained my respect and admiration as a strong intelligent

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