Personal Narrative-Julia's Home

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Julia took another large sip of her white wine. The date she was one—the fourth date in the span of a week—was proceeding at a pace Julia perceived as very slow. She looks down at her phone to check the time, and sees it has only been a minute since her date—Claude—left to take a phone call.
“Gods and goddesses, please make this more bearable,” Julia grumbled underneath her breath seconds before her date appeared again at their table.
“So, where was I?” Claude asked, returning to his seat, grinning.
“I believe you were telling me how we really should get going to your place.” Julia grabbed Claude’s hand, caressing it, while forcing a toothy smile.
“Uh, I’m pretty sure I was telling you about my computer and technologies business! It’s really
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Julia’s mother, Cordelia DuBois, was a hoarder of all things, and owner of a house that held more trash than memories (or furniture). Her father was just had bad, but in other ways. Julia’s father, Peter Grandaunt, never cared to try and help his wife with her depression, but instead cheated on his wife with a different woman every night. The tension between Julia’s parents shaped and filled her childhood, and a large part of her adult life. Julia even felt happiness when she first found out her parents had both died—one of the walls of trash had fallen on them both, demonstrating for the last time that Cordelia’s illness could also hurt Peter. However, Julia soon realized that no matter how hard her parents had made her life, she still loved them.
After her parent’s funeral, Julia spiraled into a depression, something she had prayed to never happen. Julia’s depression only became worse, and she started to hoard. Now, five years later, Julia is still struggling with her depression and hoarding, her only coping mechanism being the countless dates she goes on. Julia believes that one day she might meet someone who will stand by her and help her. Julia’s only ever found a one night cure for her

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