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  • Short Biography Of Julia Pastrana

    While records related to the birth of Julia Pastrana are somewhat blurred, it is likely that she was born somewhere on the Western slopes of Mexico’s Sierra Madre. It is believed that she was born in the year 1834. At that time, her physical characteristics of thick lips, wide ears and excessive hair growth caused great confusion: Some individuals theorized that she was the offspring of a human and an ape, a bear or a baboon, which led to her nicknames, ‘The Bear Woman,’ ‘The Baboon Lady’ and ‘The Ape Woman.’ Author Jan Bondeson Recounts Pastrana’s Early Life In Jan Bondeson’s book, “A Cabinet of Medical Curiosities,”, he writes that, "According to the exaggerated accounts in the contemporary exhibition pamphlets, an Indian woman named Espinosa had become separated from her tribe in 1830, and was believed to have drowned. Six years later, however, some cowboys found her in a cave. She told them that she had been captured by a party of hostile Indians, who had imprisoned her in the cave, but no human beings could be found nearby." A child was found with Espinosa, she stated that this child was not actually her daughter; even so, Espinosa decided to care for her and love her. The child was christened Julia Pastrana. Several years later, when Julia’s ‘mother’ passed away, she was sent to an orphanage in a nearby city. Julia was described as an intelligent, sweet and excessively hairy girl. Due to her unique physical characteristics, Julia quickly became somewhat of a local…

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  • Equine Cushing's Syndrome Essay

    broodmares), but there have been no reports on stallions (Hatazoe et al. 2015). Adenomata of the pars intermedia of the pituitary gland have been linked with the individual clinical unit of Cushing's disease which arises largely because of excessive secretion of adrenocorticotropin (ACTH) or other proopiomelanocortin (POMC) peptides (Love 1993). Equine Cushing’s Syndrome is characterized by many symptoms which include laminitis, weight loss, and hypertrichosis. As of right now there is no…

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  • Angle Closure Glaucoma Case Study

    absorbed is completely hydrolyzed to the acid form of the drug by esterases once the drug reaches the plasma and enters the liver. The portion of the drug that reaches systemic circulation has been shown to cause minimal side effects.6 The elimination half-life of latanoprost is 3-4 hours and the drug metabolites are renally excreted.5,6 Urinalysis has shown that only the drug metabolites are primarily found in the urine instead of pure drug or the acid form of the drug. Latanoprost has been…

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  • Difference Between Vampires And Werewolves

    scratch the individual with their razor sharp claws. A vampire however only need to bite the person. Depending on the lore or kind of vampire they may need to inject a kind of venom or chemical, for the person to change. Throughout the many cinematic and published depictions of vampires, they have accrued many new and interesting abilities. Such as how vampires can transform into bats, but unlike werewolves they have control over their actions in this form. They also have superhuman moving speed…

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  • Justine Larbalestier's Liar

    Though there were hints at this possibility throughout the first part of the book, the author finds scientifically plausible ways to explain them. Micah discusses having to take the birth control pill (61-62), due to the “family illness” that she inherited (Larbalestier 85). Taking the pill includes dealt with “acne and excessive blood” (85), but also with the “tainted hairy gene” that is a part of her “family disease” (Larbalestier 86). This could be explained by a well known symptoms…

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  • Advantages Of Ointments

    4-Psoriasis (particularly of the face and body folds) Allergic contact dermatitis.  Contraindications: 1-Sensitivity to any of the components of the preparation. 2- Not indicated in those patients with tuberculous lesions, topical or systemic viral infection. 3-KENACOMB is not intended for ophthalmic use, nor should it be applied in the external auditory canal of patients with perforated eardrums. . 4- Corticosteroids have been shown to be teratogenic in animals following dermal…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Phenytoin

    mental confusion, slurred speech, trouble with breathing, speaking or swallowing, and unsteadiness or other problems with motor coordination. (drugs.com, 2016) Phenytoin and Aptiom both share side effects of decreased coordination, nausea and vomiting, and headache, however Phenytoin has an effect on motor control and speaking whereas Aptiom does not. Major adverse effects of Aptiom include psychomotor retardation, mental disorders, amnesia, cognitive dysfunction, aphasia, and speech…

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