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  • Business Case Analysis: Jamba Juice

    Component 1: Article Summary Most people like to drink juices or smoothies as a substitute of meals or snack foods. Juices or smoothies tastes good and, also, offer healthier treat than other snack options. Robin Goldwing Blumenthal in his article Drink up! explains that juice of spinach, kale cocktails, fruit smoothies and all types of nutrients that become drinks are an obsession for all consumers. As result of the growth of the smoothie markets, food chains, and quick service restaurants such as Starbucks are introducing vegetable beverages, blends and “a line of cold-pressed vegetable and fruit juices.” (Goldwing, R.) Jeff Hansberry, Starbucks’ president says “Our customers have been making requests for healthier food and beverages.” Starbuck is not the only company that are making changes. In 2006, Pepsi bought Naked Juice for an estimated $450 million from North Castle Partners. Also, Bolt house Farms shares shelf space with Coca-Cola’s Odwalla brand. Goldwing, also names in his article different juices companies such as Juice Press, Organic Avenue, Earthbar and Jamba Juice. The company Jamba Juice caught…

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  • Kantipur Fresh Fruits And Juice Case Study

    Introduction Kantipur fresh Fruits and Juice (KFFJ) prioritizes its customers and gives preferences on the employees and profits. Its main goals are survival, profit maximization and growth.it is a private organization which officially started in 2001 at kathmandu.it has various branches at various locations at Kathmandu and various other cities and has plans of establishing association with various other international companies. KFFJ primarily has three functions namely purchasing fresh fruits,…

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  • Juice Avocado Short Story

    “Juice Avocado. Juice orange!” she squawked to draw the attention of the passersby. There were few other carts, next to them, hawking tasty ethnic foods, and they all had an unspoken, stiff competition among themselves to attract the customers, in spite of having excellent camaraderie – survival of the fittest. “Avocado Juice– Jus aplokat,” Yanti hawked in high pitch drawing the notice of the shoppers who looked at her smilingly but didn’t buy as they’re going to the market and might try…

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  • Orange Juice Crisis Case Study

    Case Study: Orange Juice Crisis, or Maybe Not Introduction Due to the speculation of decreased orange juice supply, orange juice futures jumped 1.5% for January 2016, according to the New York based global commodity trading organization Intercontinental Exchange® (ICE®) (Perez, 2015). The basis for this claim is the proliferation of a century-old disease that is expected to devastate the worlds’ orange juice supply in the coming years (Perez, 2015). The disease, known as Huanglongbing (HLB),…

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  • Hawaiian Punch Case Study

    High product variety gives customers a lot of choice during their shopping time. Different categories of drinks are located in different aisles make it easier for customers to access the product. Moreover, supermarkets, trade and convenience stores, the three biggest outlets that sold fruit juices and juice drinks, enhance the convenience of purchasing and make Hawaiian Punch available in both urban and suburban. In addition, the beverage industry is in a fast logistic, therefore the probability…

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  • The Importance Of The Soda Ban

    people turn to other drinks in order to try and be a bit healthier, such as fruit juice, thinking that it…

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  • Summary Of Mind Body Nutrition And Swot Analysis

    company is called Mind Body Nutrition which is the three owners’ names, Marquita, Bennie, Nathan. Our company is a local company that resides the Hampton Roads, Virginia area. We sell local organic juices that is process in our own bottling plant which has our own storefront to sell our products.…

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  • An Analysis Of The Overall Acceptability Of Strawberry

    (DNSA). In principle, the reducing sugars reduce DNSA to 3-amino-5-nitrosalicyclic acid resulting in the formation of reddish-orange coloration that is measured spectrophotometrically at 540nm. A total of 5ml of filtered strawberry juice was mixed with equal amount of DNSA solution and incubated on boiling water bath for 10 min. The mixture was allowed to cool at ambient temperatures and diluted further with double distilled water if required. The absorbance of the solution was measured at 540nm…

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  • Fruit Flies

    Fruit Flies - Trade Barrier for Mangoes Mango- often called as King of all Fruits. When Mango is there, anyone hardly asks for any other fruit. Mangoes are famous for their flavor, juice, color and fragrance. Mangoes vary in sizes and color. The colors might be yellow, orange or even red or green when ripe. Different varieties of Mangoes may taste differently and have different textures. Mango is the fruit of tropical and sub tropical zones. Asia falls into this climatic zone, thus this…

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  • Exploring The Relationship Between Pectinase And Enzyme Industry

    In addition, some juice may remain in the pomace of the fruit(apple), leading to incomplete extraction process. Therefore, pectinase is needed to assist juice extraction and separation of undesirable precipitate using centrifugation or sedimentation. Research suggests that the juice yield increases with the concentration of pectin enzymes. The use of pectinase is also critical in clarification process of juices while retaining the nutrients and flavor in it. Some fruits, such as banana, have…

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