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  • Schizophrenia Case Interview Paper

    Nathaniel is a 58 year-old single African American homeless man who suffers from a mental illness that lives in the city of Los Angeles. Nathaniel began experiencing delusions, hallucination, and hearing voices when he was a young boy. When Nathanial was approximetly13 years old he had his first hallucination, in which he saw a car that was on fire and that it was driving away. Nathanial’s mental illness has progressed as he has become older. Nathaniel’s first mental breakdown occured while he attended the school of Julliard in New York. While rehersing he began hearing voices that told him that everyone around him was looking at him and could hear his thoughts. Nathaniel was not able to handle the voices and he ran out of the rehearsal and…

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  • The Soloist Analysis

    The Soloist, directed by Joe Wright, tells the anecdote of an unlikely bond formed between two men of divergent backgrounds. One of the main characters, Steve Lopez, was a divorced middle aged man working as a journalist, for his ex-wife Mary, at the L.A Times. Lopez experienced a biking accident which made him reflect upon his life while hospitalized. He began to search for his true passion as he lost interest in journalism. One day, Lopez encounters Nathaniel Ayers, a homeless man who taught…

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  • Personal Narrative: Pursuing A Violin As A Career

    do as an adult. So during the summer, I went to Heifetz to spend time with other great string musicians and teachers, practice a lot of violin, and really understand what path I should take. When I arrived at Heifetz Summer Institute, I realized something: I'm going to be away from my family for six weeks! This realization made me feel unsettled, but I knew I needed to come and seek a glimpse of my promise as a violinist. I went to the rather bare-bone dorm, and met a handful of string…

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  • Isolation In The Soloist

    Steve works as a journalist for Los Angeles Times to write articles about “real stories by real people”. One day, he was strolling through a park and heard Nathaniel playing violin. To his surprise, Nathaniel only plays violin with two strings, as he couldn’t afford to get new strings. Nathaniel revealed to Steve that he had gone to Juilliard which made Steve curious of how someone like Nathaniel ended up homeless; Steve knew that Nathaniel’s story would be a big hit. Steve wrote about Nathaniel…

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  • College Overhaul

    From as early as middle school the educational system begins to ingrain how important going to college is for each individual, whether they attend a trade school, community college, or university. Students take tests that suggest where they are more knowledgeable, what they are more interested in, what field they are more likely to succeed in. This sets up each individual to discover their interests and hone the necessary skills to ultimately get accepted into the college of their choice. For…

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  • Summer Reading Reflection

    your studies and then you will fail at life. Yoon writes that “How to Make Your Korean Parents Happy, Part 3, Don’t talk to Boys, They will distract you and your grades will plummet and you will not be accepted into HARVARD YALE PRINCETON” (43). My parents have a pretty similar tone when it comes to boys because they think that boys are not serious and so if I hang out with them I will not pay attention in school. So, then my grades will go down and I won’t go to college and then I won’t get a…

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  • Reflection Paper About Becoming A Teacher

    When asked, young girls will often tell you that they would like to be a teacher when they grow up. I was no exception. For many of my young years, if asked, I would not hesitate to say that I was going to be a teacher! Somehow, I ended up being a radio announcer. While I am truly fortunate to have found a job straight out of high school that I was able to make a career out of for the past 17 years, I always regretted not following my dream of becoming a teacher. As life went on, I got married…

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  • The Importance Of Education In Haiti

    Schools in Haiti are also in a need of desks, chairs, and teaching materials. These along with inadequate infrastructure are among the most noteworthy problems for teachers and students in Haiti. There are not enough school buildings in Haiti that have sufficient space for all the school-age youth along with lack of technology in the schools further limit learning. These shortages and bad facilities were made worse by the 2010 earthquake.(Ki-moon, 2010) Many schools use outdated curricula. High…

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  • College Nightmare Essay

    college students that are just starting out in the basic classes, such as English 101, problems can arise due to classes being much harder than the prior high school classes the students are used to. Mrs. Fox-Angerer’s class is hard because it has an online portion, it creates stress, and it is a required class. Mrs. Fox-Angerer’s English 101 class is difficult because it has an online portion. In Mrs. Fox-Angerer’s class students come for a lecture hour every Monday and Wednesday, and every…

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  • Tolerance And Prejudice In To Kill A Mockingbird

    “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover!” Since we were old enough to read books, my teachers have preached this mantra to my classes. They would tell us that it is what is on the inside that matters, not just the cover. I must have heard these exact words hundreds of times while in school, yet I still found myself breaking this unwritten rule when I was in the eleventh grade. It was just another cold winter day in rural Minnesota when I entered my language arts class in the morning. Being that it…

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