Isolation In The Soloist

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In today’s world, not everyone feels the sense of belonging to our society. Some feel that they are disconnected from society. They’re often left out because they feel different or maybe they’re actually different. The Soloist presents the social issue of how isolation and withdrawal from society can affect an individual’s life. The feeling of isolation had affected the life of one of the main protagonists, Nathaniel Ayers. If you are different, you’ll likely be treated as a stranger, someone who doesn’t fit in. Humans are social being, we require human interaction from time to time. Left isolated for too long often leads to loneliness, low self-esteem, depression, or possibly death. Something that can fill the void of someone’s heart is another person. It is through acceptance that enables people to save other’s lives. We never know how …show more content…
Steve works as a journalist for Los Angeles Times to write articles about “real stories by real people”. One day, he was strolling through a park and heard Nathaniel playing violin. To his surprise, Nathaniel only plays violin with two strings, as he couldn’t afford to get new strings. Nathaniel revealed to Steve that he had gone to Juilliard which made Steve curious of how someone like Nathaniel ended up homeless; Steve knew that Nathaniel’s story would be a big hit. Steve wrote about Nathaniel which resulted to Nathaniel receiving a lot of attention from a large audience and also received a lot of music instruments. One day, Steve asked Nathaniel what his dream was he answered that “I’d like to get these two other strings”. Nathaniel’s answer reflected that his life was just like his violin, it was incomplete in the beginning of the film as it only has two string; however towards the middle of the film, Steve got him the strings needed for his violin. Steve was the person whom Nathaniel waited for, someone who can acknowledge his

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