Isolation In Kate Chopin's The Story Of An Hour

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The story “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin, opens a window into the life of a woman, Mrs. Mallard who suffers from a heart disease and receives news that her husband has died. According to the story, she reacted differently than other people would’ve done, but that is where irony is presented. She decided to isolate herself and during her isolation she realized how free and joyful she was feeling, but the real feelings in her heart were loneliness ,emptiness, and fear because of the loss. Mrs. Mallard did not die of joy, she died because she was full of fear,confusion, and loneliness. Chopin decides to put this dramatic scene of Mrs. Mallard in a room of her house, where the couple spent plenty time together. The room feels empty, but …show more content…
Mallard was in a severe depression. In the beginning of the story it is described how they took very good care of her because of her heart disease, how her sister told her in a gentle way that her husband died, and how descriptive the setting is when she is in her room by herself. “The delicious breath of rain was in the air. In the streets below a peddler was crying his ware” (Chopin, par. 5). This description shows how she was perceiving the world in shades of gray after she received the news. Also In the article, “ Fatal Self-Assertion in Kate Chopin’s, The Story of an hour” written by Lawrence L. Berkove says, “There would be no one to live for her during those coming years;she would live for herself” (Chopin, par. 14). I agree with this argument because she is feeling lonely at this moment of the story, and she thinks that she would not be able to continue without him. The loneliness she was feeling is described in every paragraph. The way she is saying over and over again “Free! Body and soul free!” easily describes how she feels like she doesn 't have anyone to rely on.
Although she was mixture of emotions, the strongest feeling was her fear of living life without the man she spent most of her life. She doesn 't know how she would be able to continue a life without her joy. However in the article ““The Autonomous Female Self and the Death of Louise Mallard in the Kate Chopin’s Story of an Hour” by Mark
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In the article “Fatal Self-Assertion in Kate Chopin’s, The Story of an Hour” written by Lawrence L. Berkove says, “this story is not about society or marriage, but Louise Mallard” (Berkove, par.2). It really makes sense as Chopin never talks about anyone else, the only person who describes the thoughts, ways of seeing life, and feelings is Louise Mallard. Also how in most of the story refers to Mrs. Mallard, but when her husband died she is referred as Louise Mallard. Many details are missing in the story, but with even those few details I can say that she did not die because of someone else. She died because she was afraid of

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