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  • Room 211 Case Study

    8:49/8:59 (Wednesday) - exit door #2, bus duty for Makenzie Smith (KHG) and Randy Anderson (KW). Get students off of the bus 1S. Jayden leaves his wheelchair in the lobby and walks in the walker. Help Jayden sit on his chair and then walk Makenzie and Randy to their kindergarten classrooms. 9:05-9:10 - Room 211 - Go to Krishnansh and help fill out his chart. If he has two “smiles”, he gets a reward. He usually chooses to read or talk in the library. He is pulled out from there by Mrs. Gustafson…

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  • Rhetorical Pedagogy

    specifically film. In the article, the author implies that Schindler's List can functions as an informal education on anti-Semitism and the holocaust because it is widely received by audiences internationally. Even Steven Spielberg himself has urged schools and people in education to present this film to students in order to expand their knowledge on the historical context. As the authors agree on the fact that film, in general, is a powerful…

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  • Mr Hossack Observation

    I loved the way Mr. Hossack conducted this particular lesson because of the way the students took responsibility for their own learning! The way he guided them through a complex process was brilliant. Desired Results-- learning objectives: Mr. Hossack not only posted the class objectives on the board, he discussed them with the class and made sure they understood the vocabulary used in the objective as well as what learning outcome to expect. The students were clearly accustomed to discussing…

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  • The Skin By Hyperion: Character Analysis

    characters in the story are Miss Saunders, Charlese Jones,John-John,Caleb,and Maleeka. Maleeka is a girl in seventh grade who has grown up without a dad she is bullied every day and is betrayed by her friends. A new teacher, Mrs.Saunders corns to school with a big scar on her face and is picked on by kids and adults. Maleeka is so lost in her life that she begins to smoke and do all of her “friends” work. But they still leave her in the dust. Maleeka is faced with lots of problems with herself.…

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  • Essay On Chinese Immigration Experience

    Culminating Assignment: Learning the Culture of Your Students Chinese Americans: The Immigration Experience The study of Immigration is the final Social Studies unit for our fifth grade students in Needham which occurs from the beginning of April through late May. When coupled with the investigation of the Industrial Revolution in Science, and a trip to the Boott Cotton Mills at the Lowell National Historic Park, our students are immersed in a powerful exploration of what it means to be an…

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  • A Recipe For Healthy Places: Case Study

    improve the nutrition of Chicago residents and confront escalating obesity rates and related diseases(). At St. Angela’s one would think as a private school the children of the program would have better choices when it comes to the food that is being provided. This is definitely not the case. Since, I have been there for snacks I see the kids in the after school program being offered chocolate and animal crackers on a regular basis. I have seen the kids also being offered candy and fruit snacks.…

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  • Essential Ethical Considerations In Education

    The article, “Essential Ethical Considerations in Education” by Robert Smith, identifies numerous responsibilities educators in all professions should observe when instructing students, regardless of the classroom composition or disposition. It appears from the information provided in the scenario that Mr. Peabody has chosen to ignore these common considerations or has allowed community pressure to influence his philosophy concerning the curriculum. First, educators should have an ethical…

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  • Daniel: King Nebuchadnezzar Of Babylon

    When Daniel was a young man, he along with other young men from Judah were taken captive, by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon in approximately 605 B.C. This captivity of citizens of Judah in Babylon lasted for 70 years, as God had foretold through the prophet Jeremiah. During this time, Daniel served in many high up positions in the governments of several rulers, including Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar, Darius and Cyrus. Daniel was very loyal even at his own discomfort. The early chapters…

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  • The Importance Of A Liberal Arts Education

    would have had read Plato or Galileo had it not been for a liberal arts education. Personally, I like learning new things. I think that throughout my time at Siena Heights, I will learn many things I probably would not have learned if I went to a school that was not in the liberal arts tradition. Another reason the liberal arts is important is because I think it teaches students to think…

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  • Being A Teachers Assistant Essay

    A teacher’s assistant helps teachers with classroom activities and learning, generally in a primary or secondary level school. The work involves working with children or teenagers, on a one-to-one basis in small groups, who may have physical, visual, hearing or behavioural, emotional, or learning difficulties and who therefore have special educational needs. On an ever increasing basis the role of the Teaching Assistant is to help those with emotional or physical problems to achieve their full…

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