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  • Importance Of Multimedia In Education

    Multimedia Definition: Multimedia is a file format in computer include a lot of forms like sound, videos, images, graphics, and text that we use in our daily life. It helps us a lot as an example now we use multimedia in education process t to deliver a scientific information in a simple way, which could anybody receive. History: The newspaper was the first mass communication medium to employ Multimedia, they use the text, images and graphics. After that, they start to use radio waves, in 1901…

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  • Importance Of Study Habits

    individual. There are many factors like concentration, motivation, keen observation, adjustment in school, networking etc. which influence the proper development of study habits. Rao (1965) is of the opinion that a well formed study habit furnishes its own source of motivation. In fact a good study habit gives the learner a chance to study more. More study gives better learning performance in schools that again motivates the learner to study more which in turn results in improvement in the…

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  • Backwash Effects On Teaching And Learning Essay

    Teaching is a process and it involves many factors in the teaching and learning process. The important factors which influence teaching learning process are- motivation and needs of the learner, classroom environment, teacher knowledge, teaching aids, administration, testing or examination, etc. Testing is a very essential aspect which can affect positively or negatively the teaching/learning process. Though testing is widely used around the world for different purposes, the aspect of testing in…

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  • Montessori's Curriculum Theory

    The next curriculum model I chose to focus on, Montessori, is seemingly very different from Curiosity Corner. Started in the early 1900’s by Dr. Maria Montessori, this model draws on studies of human growth, development, and even anthropology to find an education style that would fit each child on an individual level (Bahmaee et al. 148). In fact, it’s this focus on the individual that sets it the most apart from Curiosity Corner, and from most educational models. In contrast to the cooperative…

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  • The Mock Interview Reflection

    Mock Interview Reflection The mock interview was closely related to the topics covered in the readings and in class. Getting practice using the techniques we have been learning in real time, with a real person, made the content more concrete. I was conscious of employing solution focused techniques as much as possible in the short time we had to conduct the interview. While my performance produced mixed results, the practice was a good start to becoming an expert using the technique.…

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  • Becoming A Gendered Body By Karin A. Martin

    Gendered Body by Karin A. Martin, the social problem being researched is how bodily differences are constructed. The idea investigated are how gender differences and bodily differences throughout school, could possibly be the beginning of gender inequality. Observing the practices that take place in not only the school curriculum, but the physical instructions in and out of the classroom. These actions appear to have the ability to shape young children into their expected societal gender roles.…

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  • Locke And Rousseau On Reasoning To Children

    aspect of teaching reasoning to children is that critical thought is the most valuable skill that we can teach children in school. The reason why critical thought is so valuable in teaching children is that children need to have the ability to solve complex problems in order to seek truth according to Locke. The only way that students, in particular young ones in elementary school, will have the ability to seek truth by solving complex problems is to have exposure to techniques that incorporate…

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  • Dr V. Vaidyanatha Ayyar Case Study

    such as funding issues but he does not offer a clear form of reward for those schools that have worked well but he was able to incentivize the investment towards the programs from external organizations through the promise of a reward. The main focus of the process was the achievement, the promotion of education to everyone, which has been achieved today with more and more parents willingly sending their children to school more and more in India. The theory also implies that the model is…

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  • Compare And Contrast Mare Montessori And Colin Powell

    mind: Dr. Maria Montessori and General Colin Powell. Dr. Montessori was a highly important teacher, and physician in 1914. She helped create a school system that focused on the needs of the student, instead of standardized testing. Colin Powell was a commander of the U.S Army Forces in 1989, and has been making appearances in the last few years at different schools; preaching about how children need structure. Both of these people share many of the same beliefs, but also have a few differences. …

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  • Reflective Teaching Reflection

    Teaching and learning process embodies theoretical and practical requirements for teachers in the class. Based on a study by Cakir (2010), how can I achieve a higher level of awareness of how I teach and of the kinds of decisions I make as I teach? One way of doing these are through observing, reflecting on my own class, and giving some suggestions for my language teaching development as a way of bringing about changes, which will be discussed this reflective teaching essay. My experience in…

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