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Ron Clark Essay There are many teachers who enjoy teaching; therefore, their classroom becomes a positive learning environment for students. The goal of every teacher should be to teach in a manner that engages the students in the classroom. Often times, students will thrive in a classroom they enjoy and may not reflect the same progress in less enjoyable classrooms. The responsibility will fall on the teacher to make sure their students are learning. Students should be challenged, encouraged, and receive positive feedback as they learn. In Ron Clark’s book, The Excellent 11, he goes over some of the important qualities a teacher should possess. Some of the qualities are already within ourselves; however, we may not realize how to focus the qualities into a classroom effectively.
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Those are the teachers most students dread because they will just be listening to lecture the whole time. I would like to lead a classroom with enthusiasm because I would want the students to have fun and be able to express themselves. Ron Clark describes how close everyone at his school was after they performed for students. Especially, those teachers who were hesitant and did not want to participate at first (2004, pg.5). Personally, I would probably be one of those teachers who are hesitant. However, I understand that having a positive attitude and trying new things can be fun. The focus would be to teach with enthusiasm because students will be more focused and will want to know what is next to come. Moreover, I would like to be the type of teacher who is balanced because there must be realistic goals set for students. Unfortunately, there are many teachers who expect too much from children and do not realize their classroom isn’t the only one. For instance, I remember

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