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  • The Importance Of Diversity Self-Knowledge

    Part 1: Diversity Self-Knowledge Diversity is a buzzword in today’s society. I think diversity is not a coalition of different races on a school flier, or bulletin board or on the school newspaper. Diversity is a sharing and embracing each other’s individual beliefs, cultures and thoughts. I would like to see advocacy more than sympathy because advocacy helps people who are disengaged. No matter where we are coming from or no matter how we look like, we should create a way all together that…

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  • Samuel Newitt Wood Argumentative Essay

    Argumentative essay Samuel Newitt Wood is one of the founding fathers of the state of Kansas, and in particular Chase County, Kansas. Wood contributed a lot to the development of the territory, and eventually the state of Kansas. Wood does not have a memorial, and is not recognised as a prominent citizen of Kansas. He is deserving of a monumental plaque to commemorate his contributions to Kansas. Samuel Newitt Wood was a true hero who put Chase County on the map and not only spoke his beliefs…

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  • I Am Malala Quotes

    have been told about Malala Yousafzai, and her quest to improve the world. This inspired me to read, I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai. Malala is a 17 year old girl from Pakistan. She was shot in the head by the Taliban while riding the bus home from school. She survived, and then made it her mission to shine a light on the importance of education for girls around the world. She was the youngest person ever to win the Nobel Peace Prize. The book is an inspiring tale of persistence and courage. I…

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  • Fahrenheit 451 Knowledge Is Power Essay

    (AGG) “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.”(BrainyQuote.com). (BS-1) The way the government controls does not allow people to be aware of what is going on in their society. (BS-2) People who are in this society stuck by the governments rule lose memory that they can only regain when out of governments rule, which is a danger to them. (BS-3) People in this society do not have knowledge about what is going on…

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  • Why Is Child Labor Important In Developing Countries

    Although Indonesia has been legal protection, there are still many children who have to work to fulfill their needs and the needs of family life. The problem from the existence of child labor is poverty, so that children have dropped out from the school and needed to help support the family, with work, this is a homework for the government to reduce poverty in the country to the reduction of child labor in the industrial world. The second problem is the encouragement or coercion from the parents…

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  • Most Important Lines Exercise

    Cornerstone One Cornerstone One- Most Important Lines Exercise Grade 9 Lesson Topic: Perform lines and summarize Day # 2 Brief Lesson Description: Students will select one line to perform for the class. After students practice performing their lines, they will move into small groups and then into one large group. Students will whip around and say their line. After everyone has performed their lines, students will respond to reflection questions. Common Core Standard(s) Addressed: RL.9.3.…

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  • Classroom Questioning Strategies

    It is my belief that teachers use questioning strategies for a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons include reviewing previous lessons, actively involving students in the lesson, assessing mastery of the goals and objectives, and helping them develop critical thinking skills. When I taught my first lesson in the classroom I felt that using questioning strategies enhanced the lesson material. When I used questions that seem to focus on important elements of the lesson it helped the student…

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  • Comparing Alfie's 'Getting Teaching And Learning Wrong'

    As well as looking at the traditional ways of education and if that is the correct way for students to learn. When I read this article everything it said was correct because I as a student have gone through it. For example, when we’re taught at school there’s either a right answer or a wrong answer and your job is to find that right answer. Some of my teachers would give me information to learn it so I can pass the standardized tests. Most of the things presented in this article I agree with…

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  • Linear Programming: Toy Store

    Linear Programming: Toy Store In the beginning we were given a linear programming project to do for math class. Linear programming is a method to achieve the best outcome in a mathematical model. We were given an assignment in which we are the owners of a toy store and have 5 different types of toys that we make. The objective of the project is that we need to find out which 2 toy combination will make us the most profit. First we found out that there were 10 different combinations that we…

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  • Motor Learning Model

    A common misconception within motor learning is that teachers simply need to find the best learners in order to succeed. Often, society blames the condition of a team on the learners when it is not always their fault. Teachers may be on a search for an ‘all-around athlete’ to minimize the faults and eliminate a team’s shortcomings because it was once to have been said that an ‘all-around athlete’ is able to do anything that you may ask of them. Perfection in the sports and exercise science world…

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