Horizontal Bass Essay

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All about that bass
The horizontal bass has a vague history. Many bassist believe Leo Fender was the first creator of the horizontal bass; but, they’re not completely right. Though Fender made the “ Precision “ bass ( which was the first good sounding bass ) there were at least 4 prototypes before that. The modern bass was a grandchild to the seventeenth century double bass. The first notable change was in the nineteen-twenties by a man named Lloyd Loar, which at the time worked for a notable guitar producer called Gibson. He added electrostatic pickups on a small handheld bass; but, no sound could really be produced since the first electric amp we created in the nineteen-forties. The nineteen-thirties was an odd time for a bass guitar. Many upright basses were too bulky to be a horizontal bass; but, the upright basses were experimented on as a horizontal bass. The forties is where basses really took shape. Paul Tutmarc Jr. created the Tutmarc bass. A small
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His style is mostly considered a funk jazz style; but, it is a mix of flemenco guitar style, which is a spanish guitar style of playing ( I know it’s weird, and not totally present: but, Les’s strum patterns show it all ), and slap bass. Claypool began his bass journey in high school where his friend Kirk Hammett ( the lead guitarist for Metallica ) dragged Les into the wonders of rock. Les was inspired by bands like Cream, Led Zeppelin. He soon found his love for the bass when Rush’s Geddy Lee, Paul McCartney, and Yes’ Chris Squire really inspired him to pick up bass and play. As he learned to play, he formed a band called Tommy Crank Band that played small like venues in clubs. This is where Les really formed his odd play style. After his skills were mastered and he could play pretty much anything on the fly, he began composing his own pieces, which led in into the band Primus. Les was really recognized for his unique play

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