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  • General Musky Fishing Report

    the information was consistent and probably valid. The Wisconsin website, however, had information about geographical features to fish for musky around. They also had tips about fishing for musky, including lures and types of lures that tend to attract musky. I thought that both DNR websites were trusty sources to use for my research. After all, they were government run websites that had information from real scientists. With some of the questions I had about the biology of musky answered, I looked into the aspects of the proper setup for fishing. I went to Bass Pro Shop’s website, Bass Pro being one of the foremost providers of all kind of fishing gear, including musky. At the website, I was able to locate a ton of musky lures, some of which were absolutely huge as far as freshwater lures go. I also found rods, reels, and types of line designed specifically for musky fishing. True to its reputation, Bass Pro Shops had a wide variety of options at varying prices. I knew I could trust the website because I’d been to the actual store many times and bought many things there. With the knowledge of what to use, I was now faced with the challenge of how to use it. Luckily enough, I found a ton of stuff about how to apply your equipment into fishing at a website titled The website enlightened me as to what environment you should use each method and lure in. It also gave tips from a person who had fished for musky his whole life and caught many, many,…

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  • Bass Pro Shops-Personal Narrative

    He told us that at Bass Pro Shops, they are taking a gratuitous picture with the easter bunny. So we got in the car and started going to Bass Pro Shops. It was about a half an hour drive, for that half an hour we all jammed out to some music. We then found our parking spot, and went inside. We were trying to decide if we should look around first, or if we should just get in line first. We decided that,we were going to explore first. After about a half an hour, we went and stood in line to get…

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  • Case Study Bass Pro Shop

    Case analysis#2 Bass Pro Shop is a retailer of hunting, fishing, camping, and related outdoor recreation merchandise. It targets the customers who enthusiastic in outdoor activities, providing them the best, suitable gears to take the challenges under the nature environment. Also, the Bass Pro Shop is approved by National Audubon Society, where providing and selling the authorize gear to all of the customers. In the marketing aspect, Bass Pro Shop’s positioning can be explained though the…

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  • Bass Pro Shop: A Short Story

    I messed up like big time. I was nine years old I didn't realize what I had done until it happened. Regret and sadness soon followed after. You know the saying “that sometimes it is best to keep some things to yourself” well it was true here. I woke up with the sun blinding my already weakened eyes. Going to the kitchen to eat breakfast, I glance at the clock it said 12:00pm. My Grandma comes out (I call her mama pappy) asking “what I would like to eat” we both smile. After some time has…

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  • Brief Summary Of 12 Years A Slave

    overhears Epps’ conversations with Bass about the evils of slavery. Platt, doubtfully, asks Bass to help him send letters to his friends in Saratoga Springs. Bass accepts this as they both wait for the reply to the letters. As summer goes on, Platt becomes weary that his escape might not be possible but Bass promises to return during Christmas time to discuss what can done. Bass is faithful on his promise and returns to check on Platt during December. However, there has been no response to the…

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  • The Book Of Yaak By Rick Bass Summary

    The Book of Yaak by Rick Bass I hate “The Book of Yaak”. This book should not have been written. The fault, however, does not lie with author Rick Bass. Bass’ style is clear and poetic, intermingling of his not-quite-stream-of-consciousness prose seamlessly with the scientific data and information that illustrates the dire situation for his place, the Yaak Valley of Northern Montana, and all of his fellow citizens, lynx, deer, wolves, wood thrush, owls, and grizzlies. “The Book of Yaak” is Rick…

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  • Dragonetti's Accomplishments

    Dragonetti spent much of his life experimenting on the bass, working to perfect its capabilities. In his younger days he had sampled both the four string and the three string basses but preferred the three string which he would tune in various ways. He was one of the first to drop the tuning from A- D- G to G- D- G, giving him access to lower pitches. When he played Der Freischütz he would lower the A string down to F# for the first two movements. His hard work and experimentations with the bass…

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  • Vase, Bottle, And Swan Lake Comparison

    First, the harmony consists of a repeated eleven chord group, which is played through most of the song. This repetition is called an ostinato. Throughout a majority of the song, the rhythm is comprised of a bass drum beat with extravagant riffs included between the lines. Next, the melody is a combination of singing and shouting. Commonly, there are numerous repeated notes at the start of the line with a downward formula at the end of the line when the words are sung. The timbre is prominent in…

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  • Essay On Drum Set

    instrument in countless genres of music (Fidyk). In the late 1800’s, the most popular bands in the United States were American brass bands. During the Civil War every military unit had its own band and after the war the bands stayed together and continued to play together. The traditional parade style they played before was moved inside. Since most venues were smaller it was harder to fit as many instruments inside, so to make room drummers would experiment with trying to play the Snare Drum…

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  • Sam Bass Short Story

    Sam Bass: The Story of a Felon who wanted to become Wealthy “I had enough of this job! There has to be more in this world for me. I want something more; something better than this.” exclaimed a young Sam Bass. Sam Bass was an adventurous soul, who always looking for excitement in the wrong places. He had an option give up his horse or quit his job, he decided to leave his job in search of a better paying job as an owner of a one-man racing stable he left Denton County in the spring of 1877. …

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