Sam Bass Short Story

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Sam Bass: The Story of a Felon who wanted to become Wealthy

“I had enough of this job! There has to be more in this world for me. I want something more; something better than this.” exclaimed a young Sam Bass. Sam Bass was an adventurous soul, who always looking for excitement in the wrong places. He had an option give up his horse or quit his job, he decided to leave his job in search of a better paying job as an owner of a one-man racing stable he left Denton County in the spring of 1877.

Sam Bass would put all bets in, despite the odds, he was a mastermind, he embodied everything you would think of a when thinking of a professional con-artist. Although he was crafty, in some way, Sam was afraid of what was coming towards him as his risks increased. Sam directed numerous horse races, but on one particular race, he wasn 't so lucky. On that day he could feel the sweat, dripping down his dry cracking skin, as if it was a desert getting rain for the first time in years. He was not one to sweat for any reason, but his emotions had other plans that day. He could feel the blazing hot sun beating down on his brow that day, adding to his anxiety over the situation at hand. His focus was on himself, until he was confronted by another person with a dispute over a horse race. In response, he stuttered, but not in
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He decided to start recruiting from the bar with the help of Joel. He recruited as much as four people. They rode on horseback to the closest town that has some sort of black market where you can buy handguns. The trained shooting in the plains for the first heist. It was the day of the big heist for the young men they rode to the tracks waiting for the train to come, this was their chance to start saving an amount of cash as much as $60,000 this train robbery was there first heist. In the distance you can hear the train screeching as it advanced towards the

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