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  • Narrative Essay On High School Basketball

    A nail bitter, teeth clincher, bone shaker. This game was everything you want when you take the family out for an evening of high school basketball. The Falcons and The Stallions battled tick for tac down to the very last second, but there could only be one winner. The first quarter was a bit sloppy, a lot of missed baskets, a lot of fouls, and plenty of turnovers, no one had gone on a stretch, after the first quarter the score was Green Run 10 Cox 9. The 2nd Qtr we had a little more action. Freshman Jordan Lewis began to find his rhythm as he would drop 2 3 pointers in the 2nd quarter as well as a few layups at the basket. Jordan Williams came up big becoming unstoppable inside the paint just having his way with the Stallion defenders on both ends of the court. Cox had been hitting Green Run with everything they had but 2 big steals from Ashley James would let the Stallions escape with the lead at the end of the half Green Run 24 Cox 21. The intensity went to another level in the 2nd half. These boys came out to play and gave all they had to open the 3rd Qtr. Chris Campbell continued to have his way in the paint , and AJ Smith joined the party driving to the paint and getting to the free throw line slightly…

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  • Salaam Wanita Case Study

    intervention: The Salaam Wanita project employs the Work Integration Social Enterprise (WISE) model, making use of a product as the choice social intervention. Salaam Wanita provides employment for the disadvantaged women by training them to weave baskets, and then paying them at least half of the revenue from the selling of the baskets. (b) Value Propositions: Firstly, for the social value proposition, Salaam Wanita 's beneficiaries, who are the disadvantaged women, can become empowered…

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  • When It Comes To Baskets Analysis

    opinion on it as well. That’s the case with J.D. Vance, author of “When It Comes to Baskets, We’re All Deplorable.” Vance is an opinion writer for the New York Times, in a column titled Hillbilly Elegy (Vance). In his article, he states his opinion mainly on the Democratic party, Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama, while throwing a lot of assumptions, bashing, and harshness into the mix. Vance shows us how Hilary is being narrow minded when she referred…

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  • Flowers In A Basket Analysis

    The choosing of an art piece to write about was difficult. I was stuck between a couple of pieces, which were “Flowers in a Basket” by Osias Beert and “Cagnes sur Mer” by William H. Johnson. I choose “Flowers in a Basket” because I relate to it the most. I heard about floral design and I choose to take that class in my 10th grade. Ever since then my life changed for the best. In that class I heard about Future Farmers of America(FFA) and I signed up. From there I entered floral arrangements into…

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  • We Are Market Basket Summary

    We are Market Basket by Daniel Korschun and Grant Welker tells the story of how a solidified company culture set the base for employees and customers to bring back a CEO through protests and determinization. We are Market Basket brought new insight to the factors that allowed for this historical outcome to happen. Although I lived close to where this happened, I only knew that after some time the protesters won and Arthur T. become the CEO again. The proximity to where the protested occurred…

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  • Theravada Buddhism: The Three Baskets

    Tipitaka, or as Buddhists refer to it, The Three Baskets, are a number of scriptures from which Theravada Buddhism develops. These ThreeBaskets refer to the three receptacles that contained the scrolls form which the Buddha’s sermons and teachings were originally written andconserved. The Three Baskets consist of Sutra (Discourse Basket) ,Abhidarma (Higher Knowledge and Special Teachings Basket), andVinaya (Rules and Regulations). Within the Three Baskets, there is the Sutra whichcontains the…

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  • Longaberger Basket Company: Double Failure

    In 1997, the Longaberger Basket Company built its headquarters in Newark, Ohio. However, anyone who glances at the building is guaranteed to do a double-take. At first glance, the building looks like a giant basket, complete with handles. The company’s founder, Dave Longaberger, oversaw the design, stating, “if they can put a man on the moon, they can certainly build a building that’s shaped like a basket.” He was able to create this eye-catching metaphor by integrating the parts of a building…

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  • Market Basket Chaos Case Study

    Market Basket Chaos Megan M. Brown Professor Sangster Adler University Market Basket is a part of the super market industry who competes with other super market chains to ensure quality customer service and extremely low prices (). Market Basket employees seemed to love the organization in which they work for. Market Basket created a structured culture that was familiar with all employees and emphasized recognition for good behavior and performance (). Market Basket took pride in its…

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  • Breakeven

    business, in which he would produce gift basket to then sell through his parents business. The gift baskets will contain fruit, nuts and confectionary that will be supplied by the business. To see if this is a profitable business venture, there are a few things Tony should consider. These include, fixed and variable costs, location, competition and the number of baskets that need to be sold for Tony to breakeven. Once Tony has decided he wanted to pursue the gift basket venture, he must…

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  • Salish Tribe

    The Coast Salish Basket makers and Canoe Cavers Art played a major part in Northwest Coast Culture. The Coast Salish tribe is well known for its unique art culture. Salish coast art has a diverse range of creations in performing, expressing imaginative and technical skills. Salish art is appreciated for their beauty and spirituality. Their artwork defines their pride and each work of art tells its own story. The art is both functional and, at the same time is paired with cultural art of Salish…

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