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  • The Orthodox Exemption For Haredi Jews

    The Orthodox Exemption Some Jews say Haredi Jews should be exempt from military service in Israel because they need to focus on their religious studies. Some Jews say Haredi Jews should not be exempt from military service in Israel because Halakha commands that all Jews fight in a milchemet mitzvah. Haredi Jews should be required to serve in the Israeli military because Halakha commands it. In Israel, both men and women are required to serve in the Israeli Defense Force, or the IDF. There are few exemptions for this, one of the most controversial being the exemption of Haredi Jews. Haredi men are exempted from military service provided they continue their religious studies for a certain period of time, at which point their age, makes…

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  • Analysis Of The Communist Manifesto By Blu Greenberg

    want feminism, leave Orthodoxy!”. Greenberg details various considerations within Orthodox communities that keep feminism from gaining support. Such as “watering down Judaism”, the belief that allowing a woman to study the Torah will lead her to immorality, the status quo (as it has been inserted) and changing the unchangeable just to name a few. For her part, Greenberg counters that Judaism is strong enough to withstand such a cultural shift and can self-correct if it turns out the results of…

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  • Sangerman Organ Donation

    1993). The readjusting begins in the Shloshim and continues into the Shana, the year after the death. Though life continues and individuals daily routines must go on in the Shloshim, it is in the Shana where mile markers without the loved one are met. This can be recognized at holidays, birthdays, or other special occasions. Reinvesting, the final R of mourning, can distinctly be identified with the charitable donation done in the deceased’s name. Not only do individual reinvest money…

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  • Compare And Contrast Orthodox And Orthodox Judaism

    Orthodox Judaism both believe in the divinity of the Torah, conducting synagogue services in Hebrew, as well as seeing themselves as the chosen ones. Given its comparable beliefs, Conservative Judaism is a liberal version of Orthodox Judaism in terms of traditions and rules such as Sabbath, interpretation of the Torah, and the role of women. Orthodox Judaism is differentiated by its meticulous regulations, traditions, and segregation in the synagogue. Orthodox Jews have strict principles of…

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  • Themes And Symbolism In Chaim Potok's The Chosen

    1. Research the author of the book. Write a few sentences describing the author. Include the author’s purpose in writing the novel. Chaim Potok, the author of The Chosen, was raised as an Orthodox Jew in New York. He grew up to be a rabbi for his church, and his two sisters married rabbis as well. His father was an immigrant from Poland, which is something he included with one of his characters: Danny Saunders. Every piece of literature he wrote was on Jewish beliefs and culture, creating a…

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  • Narrative Essay On Jewish Identity

    After 14 years in Jewish day school, I am poised to leave this sanctuary and venture out into a wide world. Next year will be the first time I will attend a secular school. On the eve of this departure, then, I ask myself, who am I? What kind of Jew am I right now, at this point in time? Where do I see myself in five years? Truthfully, there is an ongoing conflict in my mind between my secular self and my spiritual Judaic self. It is not that I feel I must prioritize one over the other;…

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  • Jewish Oral Contraception

    Contraception is an extremely controversial topic in the world today. Differing opinions about birth control can be found between genders, political parties, and most importantly, religions. Judaism is probably one of more the lenient religions when considering contraception as far as what is acceptable and not acceptable. Unlike most religions, Jewish law does not ban the use birth control all together. Like many subjects in the Jewish religion, contraception is judged on a case-by-case…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Adam Sandler

    Judaism is a religion that have been around for centuries. Many people practice this religion there are many different forms of this religion which includes Orthodox, Ultra Orthodox, Hasidic, Conservative, and Reconstructionist. Each group practice the religion a little differently than the other one. Orthodox Jews and Conservative Jews believe in most of the same ideas and is debated that they are the same. One person that classify as Jewish is Adam Sandler. Sandler was born into a Jewish…

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  • Essay On Jewish Education

    Visions of Jewish Education Essay Esti Shulman Azrieli Graduate School “We can expect a feeling of love for all Jews, whatever their background, whatever their status. There will be those whom we will applaud, those whom we will oppose, those who will give us pain, even make us cry. But we will try never to forget that we are one and that the inner door should never be closed. And we will keep an outer door, to the outside world, open as well. To be sure, it will have a screen. Not everything…

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  • Baruch Spinoza's Ontological Argument

    In the Seventeenth Century many philosophers were enlightening the world with their various views and ontological arguments. Baruch Spinoza was no different. Spinoza was born in 1632 in Amsterdam and grew up in a Jewish community where he was led to be a rabbi. At the age of twenty-four he was banned from his community for his radical views and was also later banned from a Christian community for those same opinions (Nadler, “Baruch Spinoza”). Spinoza came to be influenced and well educated in…

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