Halloween II

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  • How Did Halloween Begin

    Halloween, also known as "All hallows eve" can be traced back more than two thousand years to a pre-Christian Celtic festival known as "Samhain". Halloween (October 31st) is the night when everyone dresses up as their greatest fantasy or their worst nightmare and goes door to door saying the world renowned phrase "trick or treat". Everyone wanders the streets collecting candy on this wonderful holiday without knowing the history behind it, or how the holiday even began, but how did Halloween begin? There is plenty of misconception to Halloween. Many people believe Halloween has to do heavily with religion, witchcraft, bad doings, and even "Satan" himself. In reality the beginnings of Halloween has only a little to do with religion. The beginning…

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  • Benjamin Bradford's History Of Halloween

    Halloween In Benjamin Bradford’s History of Halloween, he explains how Halloween or “All Hallows Eve” came about. The intentions of “trick or treat” and the influences behind Halloween. Halloween is thought to be influenced from a celtic festival called “Samhain” (pronounced “sah win”), meaning “summers end.” “Samhain ‘also thought to have been a time of communing with the dead,” according to John Santino, folklorist. Santino also stated "There was a belief that it was a day when spirits of…

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  • Most Popular Film Genre

    rather than an alien or entity. It is known that people harm other people in real life, so to watch a film that is displaying real-life possibilities, can be extremely terrifying. The characters themselves must be relatable as well. If a viewer finds that they have a few things in common with a character, it makes the characters and their actions seem like more of a real-life possibility. Lastly, the appropriate sound effects are crucial in the making of a horror movie. The music and sound…

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  • Michael Myers The Monstrosity Of Humans

    think this monster would simply attract adults and teens. The truth would conclude that the adults make up majority of the crowd that engage themselves in this monster. Researchers assume we like to watch these types of movies for different reasons, which comprise getting a charge out of the adrenaline surge, occupied from everyday life, vicariously showing contempt for social standards, and appreciating a voyeuristic look at the horror from a safe distance. The sense of that would consider…

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  • Paragraph About Halloween

    Laura Pollard Professor Pricket English 101 Section 40 6 October 2016 Halloween - From the Celtic Peoples to America As the air turns crisp and the trees erupt into an explosion of orange and burgundy- much like the flames of a phoenix 's fiery death- cobwebs, ghosts, and pumpkins begin to adorn the lawns and porches of American homes. Halloween is drawing near, and goblins, ghouls and witches abound in store windows and school hallways. [3] Halloween is a widely celebrated American tradition,…

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  • Six Characteristics Of The Horror Film And Literature Discourse Community

    It being, to watch or read and enjoy horror films and literature. I have been a part of the horror in film and literature discourse community for some time now. Although, I was unaware of my belonging to the community until we further dissected in class what could be considered a discourse community. For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by horror, whether it be in films, literature like the Goosebumps series by R.L. Stine which I grew up on, or events such as Universal…

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  • How Scary Movie Changed My Life

    I have always been attracted to scary movies, like the bees are attracted to pollen and nectar in flowers. I do not know where this attraction for these indescribable and sometimes unbelievable movies come from, but I am sure that I like them. I have been watching scary movies since I was a child, not as often as now when a new scary movie comes out and everybody wants to watch it but somehow like that, I know you might wonder why every time a new scary movie comes out in theater almost…

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  • The Symbolism Of Birds In Hitchcock's Psycho

    There are few films that can boast the credit of having revolutionized a genre, and for horror, Psycho is one of those films. The 1960s horror classic directed by Alfred Hitchcock is considered one of the first movies in the slasher sub-genre, and is responsible for moving horror films away from the increasingly corny Universal Monsters of the earlier decades to a more serious threat. The film follows Marion Crane, a secretary who runs away from her home town after stealing a large sum of money…

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  • Hannibal Lecter Character Analysis

    a specific classification, such as human or animal. In this case Lecter’s psychological state crosses the line of classification. Relating to Lecter not fitting in with society, being a cannibal has no classification. Although all through the film Hannibal Lecter is a well-known and notorious character he has no classification in society and does not conform to the normal culture. In almost every horror film the monster somehow gets away. Whether it is a zombie who is literally the living dead…

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  • Sam's Sanctuary Short Story

    SAM’S NIGHTMARE: THE CHARRED PEOPLE What are you doing tonight Sam? Asked griffin. “Nothing, then again, I might see the new movie Inferno at the Gates Theater” said Sam. Sam invites Griffin along to watch the show. The two take the bus from school, instead of going home. They are excited about the movie. Walking up to the ticket booth, “That will be $12 dollars” stated the ticket booth guy wearing a red wrinkled shirt and long ponytail. Sam reaches into his pocket, pulling out a crisp $20…

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