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  • Hammerhead Sharks: Finning And Bycatch

    Sharks: Finning and Management As the human population continues to increase, the demand for food also increases. An estimated 15 percent of consumed animal protein come from marine fish, and an overall 90 percent of the predatory fish, at the top of the food chain, are declining (Human, n.d). Hammerhead sharks, particularly scalloped hammerheads are the most threatened because of their fins and meat. The methods used for capturing this rare species are wasteful and cruel, and their decline is presenting tragic consequences for the ecosystem of the ocean (Shiffman, July 2014). Finning, Overfishing, and Bycatch Sharks are “apex” predators at the top of the ocean’s food chain. They keep the oceanic ecosystem balanced, which covers more than two-thirds…

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  • Shark Hunts: The Great Hammerhead Shark

    The Great Hammer head shark is one of many different shark species in the world. It is known mostly by its hammer shaped head that is uses in a specific way to help it hunt. This feature makes it a very dangerous predator to certain fish and other sharks. The Great Hammerhead shark has a very interesting life and I will soon learn more about it. What is life like for the Great Hammerhead shark. The Great Hammerhead shark hunts in places like shallow waters but it does not hunt in the shallows…

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  • Bycatch In Commercial Hammerhead Shark

    Hi i'm hear to tell you why i chose this topic. I love animal life and so do lots of people and they don't even know it. If you love dogs cats birds or even fish than guess what,you love animals because that's what those are. But get this, every time we hunt or kill an animal we are putting them at risk of going extinct ( Animals won't ever live on this world again.) Hammerhead sharks are most endanger of being by catch or over consumption of their meat, fins and cartilage and also commercial…

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  • Essay On Shark Finning

    has ripple effects in the world. A prime example of this is shark finning. Many of the world’s shark populations are being decimated by the fishing industry, but what people do not take into consideration is the role sharks play in their environment. Not to mention that the way the sharks are being treated during the process is extremely barbaric. Therefore, shark finning should be illegal because it is cruel and inhumane, it has negative effects on the ecosystem, and the sharks that are…

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  • Personal Narrative-I M Phynn The Anthropomorphic Shark

    I’m Phynn the anthropomorphic Shark. Like every other shark with legs and arms in 500,000 A.D., I like to eat. Actually, I love to eat. Unlike most sharks, though, I enjoy cooking the fish I collect. My broad, webby hands give me just enough dexterity to be a chef. Since I am one of the few sharks on the planet who can cook, I opened my own restaurant, Physhy Phun, where sharks could come and test the different varieties of fish. The building is an ancient factory that has rusted walls, holes…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Shark Overfishing

    The ocean is home to more than 400 different shark species. These predators are portrayed by humans as mighty and extremely dangerous. While it may be well-known that these animals are the top of the food chain and have no sea predator, it’s a shock when they find out that they are on the brink of becoming endangered. Humans outside of the fishing industries fail to understand that we have a dramatic influence on the ocean. On the Pacific Ocean only, the numbers of tuna fishing vessels reach…

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  • Brief Summary: The Evolution Of Sharks

    “The shark is the apex predator in the sea. Sharks have moulded evolution for 450 million years. All fish species that are prey to the sharks have had their behaviour, their speed, their camouflage, their defense mechanisms moulded by the shark.” – Paul Watson. Sharks are cartilaginous fish with pair fins and nares, two chambered hearts and jaws. These characteristics are unique to the class, chondrichthyes. Ray, skates, and chimaeras are members of this class and sharks closest relatives.…

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  • Great White Shark Research Paper

    Sharks which are a deadly species while within the seas and oceans of God's creation. Made in many different varieties and in different shapes and sizes, the sharks are all mostly given grey skin and of course,are all water creatures. In fact, Sharks are vicious creatures that can get teeth up to 12 feet long and will eat any smaller animals within their territory. They are all rapid swimmers and are in clever species such as Hammerhead Sharks, Great White Sharks, Tiger Sharks, and Lemon…

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  • Bull Shark Research Paper

    who has found (and continues to find) new sharks, I jumped in….to the story, not the ocean. Apparently, Dave Ebert travels to Taiwan because of a certain fish market. That market has dished him at least 10 new sharks, not yet documented. However, what’s really weird to me is that sharks have been around way longer than crocodilians. They have outlived dinosaurs. Sharks have been around for 450 million years. Here are some of my personal favorite sharks… The Frilled Shark I think all shark…

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  • Analysis Of Sharkwater

    presence is prominent throughout the film. There are scenes of him swimming with sharks, interviewing people, and he narrates the entire film. He travels to Costa Rica and the Galapagos Islands to show us that sharks aren’t the deadly creatures we make them out to be, yet over one hundred billion are killed annually. The thesis of this film is clear when Stewart says how, “the one animal we fear the most is the one we cannot live without.” Our understanding of sharks is mediatized and completely…

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