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  • The Holy Spirit And The Spirit Of God

    The Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, our Helper, our Comforter, Encourage, one of the three parts of the Holy Trinity; although there are quite a few different names, He is the same spirit of God. One of the 66 life breathing books of the Holy Bible has some of the most excellent examples of what it looks like to walk by faith with the Holy Spirit. The book of Acts is the account of apostles of Christ who lived radically for the sake of the gospel, glory of God, and the salvation of everyone. They were fully obedient and fully dependent on the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives, and impacted the world by simply preaching Jesus and the Resurrection, no matter the cost. Many things have changed since biblical times, however, despite the constant…

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  • The Unlimited Spirit, Limited Spirit And Corporeal Bodies

    What is the Unlimited Spirit, Limited Spirit and Corporeal Bodies? We differentiate three distinct types of beings here. One is the highest good in which nothing can surpass. This highest good is God; God is the only unlimited spirit with no end, no beginning and is not limited by space or time. The unlimited spirit has always been and will always be. The limited spirits are all the angels and human spirits that have a beginning, no end and the human spirits are limited by space and time…

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  • The Holy Spirit: The Characteristics Of The Holy Spirit

    The Holy Spirit is a very unique and amazing person; he is also very complex. The person of the Holy Spirit has many characteristics. Along with all hi characteristics, his emotions are also a huge part of what make up the Holy Spirit. One of the places in the bible you can see the Holy Spirit’s emotions come out is seen in Romans 15:30. This verse particularly shows the Holy Spirit’s love; it goes on to say, “Now I urge you, brethren, by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love of the Spirit, to…

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  • The Holy Spirit And The Doctrine Of The Holy Spirit

    doctrine of the Holy Spirit. Upon receiving the gift of salvation, the believer is immediately indwelt by the Holy Spirit where He remains for the rest of the believer’s life. As believers who are indwelt by the Holy Spirit, it is important to know how the Holy Spirit works in our lives and how we can work with the Holy Spirit to better serve our Lord. The doctrine of the Holy Spirit is called Pneumatology. The word pneumatology comes from the two Greek words, pneuma, meaning spirit, and logos,…

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  • Pneumatology: God The Holy Spirit

    talking about today. This is God the Holy Spirit! Do you ever feel like God is telling you something? Something like “You should invite your friend to church this week.” Or “You should go talk to that kid over there, they are having a hard day and need a friend.” When you hear or feel that, that is the Holy Spirit guiding you. God has a plan for us, but we don 't always know his plan. He tells us in our Bibles or sometimes when we pray, but we also have the Holy Spirit to help us know what God’s…

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  • Baptism In The Holy Spirit

    10. Explain the difference, if any, between the receiving of the Holy Spirit at new birth and the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Receiving of the Holy Spirit at new birth and the baptism in the Holy Spirit are two different and distinct experiences. When you are born again, the Spirit of the Lord comes into you and dwells in you. He reminds things, intercedes in your prayers, protects you from sins, helps you, guides you and encourages you. This is the experience of new creation; “Therefore if any…

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  • Analysis Of The Holy Spirit

    initiated the move to bring the reconciliation but it would ultimately be by the Holy Spirit that the original intimacy would be restored. The Holy Spirit is the omnipresent manifestation of Jesus Christ and shares the same will of the Son in that he wants to know all. In that the Spirit bears the same will as the Son…

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  • Characteristics Of The Holy Spirit

    If you look and read through the bible, it displays the holy spirit as a person that has the same equality of the father and jesus. The spirit is also referred to one of the three personalities of the trinity which are the father the son and the holy spirit. the divine characteristics of the holy spirit can be seen in the process of the creation of the world in the book of genesis. In genesis 1:1 it obviously says god created the heavens and the earth but the holy spirit was there in the…

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  • The Needs Of The Holy Spirit

    The Holy Spirit In many churches across this country they will sing a song of praise which asks the Holy Spirit to come and fill this place. The question one needs to answer is why do people see the need to be filled by the Holy Spirit? Romans 8:5-7 tells us, “Those who live according to the flesh have their minds set on what the flesh desires; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the spirit desires. The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind…

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  • Spirit Of Life Analysis

    “There is therefore, now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death.” Paul’s opening to Chapter 8 is indicative of the participatory nature of justification realized in sanctification. Those who are in Christ Jesus are no long defined by the past, but rather are defined a future reality being realized through the Spirit of life. Spirit-enable participation in the life of Christ is one of…

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