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  • Spiritualism In Ann Braude's Radical Spirits

    In the annals of American religious history, spiritualism sits uncomfortably alongside fundamentalism and other conventional forms of religion that command largest portion of scholars’ attention. Ann Braude’s Radical Spirits was one of the first narratives written that documents this important but slighted movement. To the surprise of both nineteenth-century observers and contemporary scholars alike, spiritualists were consumed by the prospect of communication with the dead. Braude provides examples throughout her work of how this group of unique individuals channeled the dead through spirit mediums and/or in séances. She also provides examples detailing individuals’ claims that the dead responded with thumping, knocking and involuntary writing, and how the departed have made personal appearances in the form of spirit control and manipulation during hypnotic trances. Braude argues that spiritualism was “a central agent of feminism” (192). She uses several examples taken from nineteenth-century American history to present the fascinating and convincing argument that “spiritualism formed a major—if not the major—vehicle for the spread of women’s rights ideas in the mid-nineteenth century” (xx). Beyond their authority over séance rituals, spiritualist women served publicly as trance speakers, lecturers, and authors of books and journals all throughout the United States. Spiritualists, in fact, comprised the first large group of American women to speak in a public venue, as well…

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  • Occultism In Religion

    The word occultism derives from the Greek word occultus meaning hidden. Occultism is the study of the arts or occult practices like magic, alchemy, astrology, spiritualism and clairvoyance, among others. The interpretation of the occult and concepts can be found in the belief structures of certain philosophies and religions such as Gnosticism, Hermeticism, theosophy, Wicca, Thelma, neo-paganism or Satanism religions. The meaning of occultism is the secret knowledge and practices dealing with the…

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  • Palo Religion

    Throughout time the world has been introduced to many religions. A certain Afro- Cuban religion has sparked much controversy since its inception. Like many religions, it has been misunderstood due to its religious beliefs. As well, their use of black magic and communication with the spirit world leaves others puzzled. Despite what one might think, the religion of Palo is quite a beautiful one. History of Palo It is the blending of African shamanic religion with elements of Spiritism, magic…

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  • Radical Renewal Summary

    church does need structure: leadership based on spiritual gifts, large community gatherings, as well as, small group settings. These are all preeminent to the structure of the church and the spiritual growth of the body of Christ. Equally, history needs to be reflected on, and Snyder focuses on John Wesley and the biblical foundation he developed for ministry to be taken to the people outside the church, thus forming new wineskins. Lastly, Snyder takes a look at the future of what is and what is…

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  • Santeria Essay

    Santeria is a religion originating out of Cuba from the sixteenth century, and incorporates elements of African religion, Roman Catholicism and French Spiritism. It is an important religious influence in Cuba whose beliefs and practices have integrated into many cultures including, but not limited to, the United States. The worship of the saints, or Santeria, has a relatively new history, coming into existence by help of the slave trade and innovating thinking of the people held captive. The…

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  • Healthcare Ethical Dilemmas

    one else could. However, I did know that I also have an ethical commitment to the family as a whole. It was my duty to find out the reasoning behind the family’s refusal of any type of medication and I conducted an interview with the patient to gain a better understanding. According to the family, they believed in Espiritismo. Espiritismo is a religious Spanish spiritual belief that good and bad spirits have the power to affect the human life and wellbeing and deals with the nature, origin,…

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  • The Santeria Religion

    nature, and respect to the orishas. It is not only a religion but a way of life, and a culture for many people that practice it. According to the Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, “Santeria is a religion originating in West Africa, it was developed by Yoruba slaves in Cuba, and practiced by an estimated one million people in the United States.” So this culture basically derived in West Africa then during the Middle Passage, it was taken by the Africans who were captured and sold into Slavery…

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