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  • Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham Analysis

    pneumatology lacks the direct speculative racial supremacism which orders much of his theology, he demonstrates coherence in his use of xenolalia as the pneumatic norm for racial control in rejecting Seymour and the glossolalic practices of the Azusa Street Mission. The first sections of the paper elaborate these workings, what might be called Parham’s Jim Crow pneumatology. Focusing on the way racial power is in the making of pneumatological doctrine has further ramifications. I attend in the second part of the paper to how William Seymour’s advocacy for glossolalia might be cast not only as a pragmatic missiological modification, but is brought into ethical relief by the first part’s reading of race as the metatongues of xenolalia. While scholars have shown that Seymour’s inclusion of the fruits of the spirit as legitimating criteria for Spirit baptism is an ethical move made against the ruling Jim Crow arrangements, glossolalia, I argue, should also be understood as an antiracist pneumatic creation. Seymour’s modified version of tongues, then, reveals theological concern for the racial realities, which challenges scholarly positions which have downplayed the importance of race in Seymour’s theology. So, in the drama of early North American Pentecostalism, Seymour not only makes antiracism a priority by expanding the criteria for Spirit baptism, he teaches an antiracist, anti-Jim Crow pneumatology, an interpretation of tongues which contests the terms of Parham’s Jim Crow…

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  • Unit Lay Reader

    Over my 26 years of service in the Coast Guard I’ve had the opportunity to serve in many capacities: as a subordinate to service leaders, as a rescuer during search and rescue missions, as a law enforcement officer interdicting the smuggling of illegal narcotics or enforcing federal fisheries regulations and now as a lead engineer responsible for directing others in the maintenance and operation of equipment aboard a 225 feet buoy tender. As rewarding as many of these opportunities have been,…

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  • Pentecostalism In Guatemala

    Introduction Guatemala has become the leading place for conducting researches on religions in Latin America. The predominant religions in Guatemala are Catholicism, Christianity and Mayan spirituality. However, during the colonial era, Catholicism was the main religion. There has been a tremendous growth in the Protestants community. According to the The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, “Pentecostals represent the most rapidly growing sector of Latin American Protestantism”. The other…

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  • Pentecostal Church Speaking Tongue

    When I was a young child, I went to a church in Southern Alabama, where my family lived. Within that church there were members of the congregation that were speaking words that was not English or any other language that I had heard before. At age five, I built up the courage to ask my grandma what they saying. She began to explain to me that they were speaking tongue. As an adult, I think that speaking in tongues is a gift given to older generational church members of the in the South. According…

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  • The Holy Spirit: The Characteristics Of The Holy Spirit

    The Holy Spirit is a very unique and amazing person; he is also very complex. The person of the Holy Spirit has many characteristics. Along with all hi characteristics, his emotions are also a huge part of what make up the Holy Spirit. One of the places in the bible you can see the Holy Spirit’s emotions come out is seen in Romans 15:30. This verse particularly shows the Holy Spirit’s love; it goes on to say, “Now I urge you, brethren, by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love of the Spirit, to…

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  • Jesus Camp Reaction Paper

    Since the beginning of time religion has always been a hot topic. For years and years theologians have taken hours on end attempting to figure out the literature and actual meaning of the bible, yet can humans really comprehend it all? People throw questions such as, how do you think worship should be constructed, should women lead the church, was Jesus even a real man who walked this earth, and furthermore. Unfortunately, all the questions about Christianity cannot be answered perfectly.…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Decision To Follow God

    Who would have ever thought in a million years that I, Bridgett Fifer would be speaking to people about the goodness of God? Although I was raised in the church, I did not always comply with the rules and regulations of the church or listen to God. God has a way of using our adversities and life experiences to bring us back to him. We are given the choice; choose you this day whom you will serve. For many years I chose the worlds way. It wasn’t until I had a Job experience that I found myself…

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  • Religiosity Of Worship

    Worship is defined as “The feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity.” Before this course I always thought it was just the slow songs at church that always came before the sermon, I now understand It to be a way of life. King David was an incredible symbol of worship both in his time and ours, and is particularly significant in how we should view worship. The way that we worship, as Pentecostal Christians as apposed to Anglican Christians is very different as they are very…

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  • Perspectives On Pentecost

    Critical Paper: Perspectives on Pentecost Dr. Gaffin’s focus upon Pentecost views a supernatural, singular, non repeatable event in church history where the Holy Spirit has been given to the believers present. (Col. 2:17) Their experience is completely unique due to the divine work taking place. This fact shapes our doctrine and our practice in worship today as reformed believers. The Aramaic and Greek was expected to be heard outside the temple but not inside and especially not various other…

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  • Place Of Worship Report

    Recently I was tasked with the assignment of going to a place of worship to experience another style different then the type of church I go to . I attend Rollins Church of Christ in Longview, Texas where the pastor is Reverend Ricky Lawler. We are a small place of worship which holds usually 85 to 100 people on Sunday Service. We had the option to choose to go to a Catholic church or Charismatic church. On November 5th, 2014 a fellow classmate and I decided to attend Wednesday night service at…

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