Glutamic acid

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  • The Long Term Effects Of Fast Food

    Have you ever been sitting in line for a fast food restaurant and wondered what the long term effects the food we are about the purchase could be making on our bodies? Fast food has many different additives that are coloring our foods and preservatives such as sodium nitrate, MSG (monosodium glutamate), and even feathers and hair that are commonly labeled as L-cysteine and more that are in many different foods that most individuals consume on a daily basis. Fast food may be good, but it has taken over our daily lives causing obesity and diseases to many individuals. We are all guilty of eating fast food at least once in our lives, and even if most individuals don’t eat it now, you can always smell the aroma coming from places that do make your mouth water. The reasoning behind all of this is from all the additives that are being added into the food to make them look the color they do and taste the way they do so the producer can earn more money just by adding cheap products to put into their food that they are then selling so much on a daily basis. There are many different things that are being put in our foods, but the main ones are sugar, fat, salt, Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), and Casein. As for the sugar, fat and salt; these products are put into fast food because our brains are wired to the taste and smell of something savory that just sends an impulse that will make individuals want to consume more. Therefore, these are not only in fast food products, they are also in…

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  • Sea Bass Research Paper

    Results showed that the basic amino acids for sea bass fillets were glutamic acid, aspartic acid and lysine. The amount of methionine, tyrosine and histidine were lower than the other amino acids. Similar to the data obtained by Ozden and Erkan (2008). Fish are quite rich in lysine (Ozden and Erkan, 2008) and other reported that the main amino acids in sea bass were aspartic acid, glutamic acid and lysine also, The changes in amino acid contents in fish muscle were affected by spawning period…

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  • Hypotaurine Research Paper

    Where Does Taurine Come From? Taurine (2-aminoethanesulfonic acid) is an is an organic compound discovered in bull bile in 1827 and mainly found in different animal tissues mainly in bile and large intestines. The term Taurine has a Latin origin from the word taurus which means a bull. Taurine has many functions inside animal bodies like muscle development, cardiovascular functions, and nervous system development among other functions. Once extracted, this acid compound is used in several…

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  • Analysis Results Of Proximate Analysis Of Dried Laver

    056 g/100g DW). The ash content was found (10.30 ± 0.033 g/100g DW). Laver, in this study, contained a very small amount of crude lipids (0.49 ± 0.04 g/100g DW). The total dietary fibre of dried laver was (31.63 ±0.032 g/100g DW). The total and available carbohydrate were (36.82 ± 0.180 and 5.190 ± 0.212g/100g DW) respectively. The gross energy (GE) value of commercial dried laver was found to be (8467.69 ± 51.54 -1) as presented in Table 1. Amino acid analysis The amino acid composition…

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  • Synthesis Of Pb Film

    zeolite-like structure is well known as the prototype of a number of polynuclear transition-metal hexacyanometalates with the formula, Fe4Ⅲ[FeⅡ(CN)6]3 [1,2]. It exhibits electrochemical [3–5], electrochromic [6–8], photophysical [9,10], and magnetic properties [11,12]. In particular, the electrocatalytic property among these special properties enables the potential analytical application of electrochemical sensor using the PB-modified electrode [13,14]. The reduced form of PB is prussian white…

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  • Effect Of Dissolving Alka Seltzer In Different Liquids

    mixture is made up of only one uniform. The ingredients of an Alka-Seltzer pill consist of 324mg of aspirin, 1625mg of sodium hydrogen carbonate, 965mg of citric acid anhydrous, dimeticone, calcium silicate, docusate sodium, sodium benzoate sodium saccharin, natural and artificial lemon flavor, natural and artificial lime flavor. Each Alka-Seltzer pill has 445mg of sodium and once an Alka-Seltzer is dissolved in water, it turns into bicarbonate which reacts with the hydrogen from the citric acid…

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  • Pool Pump Functions

    You already know your pool has a pump, but do you really know what that pump actually does? You might be surprised! What Exactly Does a Pool Pump Do? Your pool pump is the heart of your pool and without it, it would to speak. Just like a human heart, your pool's heart (the pump) only has one thing it has to do which is pump water. However, that one thing serves several very important functions, such as: • Pulls the water from your pool through the skimmers and drains. • Then it…

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  • Differences Between Salts And Molecules

    Salts and molecules have similar characteristics, and many differences whether we can tell by first looks or not. Testing these two only supports the differences, and many structural functions cause these differences. Since salts are ionically bonded, they have different properties and functions compared to the covalent bonded molecules. Salts have a ionic bond, and we can confirm due to their electronegativity. As you move from left to right on the periodic table you would notice that…

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  • Cyanoethoxy Research Paper

    suitable N-protecting group for nucleosides (Sikehi et al., 2006 and reference theirin). A solvent-free reaction utilizing a simple low-energy ball mill apparatus was reported to convert the amino groups of nucleosides S.36, adenosine, 2-deoxyadenosine, cytidine, 2-deoxycytidine, guanosine, and 2-deoxyguanosine as well as some of their ribosyl O-protected derivatives, to the corresponding bis-N-Boc carbamates S.37 (Sikehi et al., 2006). For guanosine compounds, the carbonyl group of the base…

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  • The Causes Of Mandatory Acidosis

    than anything else. It is important to take care of the body from any harm. One thing that the body is capable of is maintaining pH levels and buffers. A pH is the power of hydrogen and buffers prevent extreme shifts in pH. The blood has a specific type of buffer that is maintained at pH level of 7.4. If the buffers shifts and levels of pH go to 7 or 7.8, it can be deadly. The blood buffer contains carbonic acid which dissociates into bicarbonate acid and hydrogen ions. This equation can also be…

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