Glycemic index

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  • Carbohydrates Case Study

    As people with type 2 diabetes body’s develop resistance to insulin. Therefore, it is critical that diabetics know how to control their blood glucose levels with diet and exercise. One of the primary uses for the glycaemic index is to help diabetic individuals control their blood sugar. It is imperative that diabetics have a diet and exercise regime to ensure homeostasis. It is beneficial for diabetics to plan meals consisting primarily of foods from the low and medium GI categories and avoid high GI foods. However it is important to carbohydrate count as well (Zoumbaris, 2012). If they don’t participate in diet control their current diabetic condition could lead to hyperglycaemia or hypoglycaemia. Recommendations for carbohydrate consumption for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes are 50-70% carbohydrates. Diabetics also need to keep saturated fat to <7% of total daily consumption. Cholesterol consumption should be less than 200mg/day (Kamen,…

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  • Walkability Inequalities

    (2005) developed walkability index (WI) to measure the characteristics of the physical environment that contribute to walkable neighbourhood design. Leslie et al. (2007) adapted the WI to Australia. WI for these studies contains four main data components. The first component is residential density which is the number of residential units per particular areal unit within a neighbourhood. A high residential density value shows that more people live in the area. The second data component of the…

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  • Observational Study Methods

    The study design of the Evans study was based upon the use of both direct interview and observational study methods. For the direct interview methods, social demographic data, medical variables, employment status, and subjective indicators were obtained via personal interview Interviewers were trained during a three-day training session to ensure uniform interview processes. Completed interviews were obtained from 90% of eligible patients (Evans et al, 1985). The responses to these interview…

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  • Pairwise Combination Strategy And Constraints Strategy

    Since CBPTT only accept integer, comma and x as constraint input. This input was converted to get the constraints information. Based on pizza ordering system, there were three constraints which is vegetarian cheese with roasted chicken, vegetarian cheese with ground beef and meat lover and mushroom. To convert this input into constraint input format, the index of each value must be known. Table 3.6 shows the index of each parameter value of pizza ordering system. Table 3.6 System index…

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  • Database Security

    In all businesses and organisations, Databases are used to store all the core activities/information and often when there a major changes or restructure of the business the first process of many businesses is to change their databases to realign with their goal which makes them a valuable asset to any organisation. (Margulies, Pfleeger, Pfleeger 2015). Databases stores and maintain data at one central location so users can easily access it whenever needed. Through the use of Queries, databases…

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  • Nt1330 Unit 6 Paper

    higher probability of turnover. Higher power distance index is correlated with lower probability of turnover, meaning CEO is more secure and is being challenged less. Long Term Orientation leads to a lower probability of turnover. Having a long term orientation decreases as it gives CEO more time to improve her performance and makes decisions that may have negative effects in short term and positive effects in long term on firm’s performance. Being in a civil law country decreases the…

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  • Importance Of Organic Polymers

    optical and optoelectronic applications due to their superior properties over conventional inorganic materials. For example, devices made out of organic polymers can be flexible, have better mechanical stability on impact, light weight and significantly effective in the cost of manufacturing. Due to these alluring properties, organic polymers are becoming extremely important in applications such as transparent/flexible optoelectronics, photovoltaics, field-effect transistors, sensors, lasers and…

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  • Accident Essay

    In July 1994, I was involved in an accident, and in this accident I lost the end of my right middle finger. So the story I’m about to tell you is true. On this particular day I was working at the United States Postal Service at 7117 W. Harry I had just been assigned to work with Rick Sifford. Rick and I were to move some three-inch angle iron. I think there were about 20 feet long so that equates to a lot of weight, far more than was safe for two people to move. I forget how many pieces of iron…

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  • Mutual Fund Summary

    this fund is based on a Vanguard mutual fund, it means that tracks the performance of the MSCI US REIT Index, which is a composition of public traded equity real estate investment trusts (REITs) (Wallace…

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  • Characteristics Of An Authoritarian Regime

    As a proud democratic country it is hard for Americans to look at another regime type and think of it as having positive qualities. This is especially true regarding an authoritarian regime. Easily associated with Russia and thus the Cold War, seeing any good come from our once enemies regime is difficult. However just because proud Americans cannot see something does not mean it does not exist; there are positive qualities to an authoritarian regime type, especially when limited to looking at…

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