Importance Of Religions In Guatemala

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Guatemala has become the leading place for conducting researches on religions in Latin America. The predominant religions in Guatemala are Catholicism, Christianity and Mayan spirituality. However, during the colonial era, Catholicism was the main religion. There has been a tremendous growth in the Protestants community. According to the The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, “Pentecostals represent the most rapidly growing sector of Latin American Protestantism”. The other protestant churches which are also popular in Guatemala are the Lutheran, Presbyterian and Anglican. They were established by European immigrants in the 19th and early 20th centuries. However, Pentecostals represent the most popular and growing sector of Protestantism
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According to Hallum, women joined due to their failing health or a family member. In the interview she conducted, 46% of them said they had converted to Pentecostalism because they found it the easiest and most efficient way to receive aid during times of physical illness. Due to this practice of faith-healing, women were able to join prayer warrior groups. This allows them to play roles and get involved in activities. In contrast to Catholicism, women were excluded. Pentecostalism condemns alcoholism, smoking and promiscuity and this promotes healthy …show more content…
Even though it is a religion, it can have been seen as an agent of change. It has had positive impacts on the lives of Guatemalan women. Due to its ideology, it has recognized gender equality and women’s rights. Women converted because of healing, financial support and counselling. Pentecostalism has helped to address issues like health care, marital conflicts, poverty, gender roles and inequality. However, the women also became empowered as they participate in church. This made it easy for them to recruit more people to church and promoting church growth. It has also help transform the men because of its teachings against smoking, drinking and

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