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  • Abominable Villain In Edgar Lear By William Shakespeare

    Throughout this play, Shakespeare is saying that the world cannot truly be seen with the eye, but with the heart. The physical world that the eye can detect can accordingly hide its evils with physical attributes, and thus clear vision cannot result from the eye alone. Lear's downfall was a result of his failure to comprehend that appearances do not always represent reality. Gloucester avoided a similar demise by learning the relationship between appearance and reality. If Lear had learned to look with more than just his eyes before the end, he might have avoided this tragedy. These two tragic stories unfolding at the same time gave the play a great…

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  • The Serial Killers Of Jack The Ripper By Amelia Dryer

    There is always a secret, no one should ever know, but if a person digs hard enough they will find it. Rather it is a baby farmer who is rumored to have killed over 400 children, a man who decided to control women and bending them to his own sadistic desires, or a woman who rapes, mutilates, and kills girls with her husband. Not all the skeletons in Britain’s closet are as well known as Jack the Ripper but they are just as cruel and unusual serial killers, such as Amelia Dryer and the couple…

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  • Gloucester Is No Less A Tragic Figure Than His King Analysis

    “Gloucester is no less a tragic figure than his king.” By consider the role and dramatic presentation of Gloucester in the play, evaluate this view. The story of Gloucester and the mirroring story of Lear in Shakespeare's ‘King Lear’ presents both men as tragic figures, although it is arguable if Gloucester fills the requirements set out by the tragic heroes in the stories from Ancient Greece as well as his King does. In Poetics, Aristotle defines the tragic figures downfall as something that…

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  • Gloucester County School Board V G. G Case Study

    Many Americans are struggling with new laws that have been created to protect the LGBTQ community. In recent years, many states have passed the law for same sex marriage. As well as laws to protect transgenders from discrimination. Regardless of the new laws, the LGBTQ community continues to fight for equality. The case of Gloucester County School Board v. G.G. is the first transgender case to reach the Supreme Court. Gavin Grimm (G.G.) made headlines because of the discrimination he experienced…

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  • The Power Of Power In Shakespeare's King Lear

    In life some people are born into high status filled with luxury and other advantages, but it is up to them to maintain their power during difficult situations. In Shakespeare’s King Lear, Shakespeare has created Lear and Gloucester’s character based on the concept of nothing. Both Lear and Gloucester experience being on the top with power politically, physically, emotionally, and familially, then they hit rock bottom evening them out to nothing. Politically, Lear and Gloucester start off…

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  • Symbolism Of Blindness In Shakespeare's King Lear

    filled with many themes, motifs, and symbols that portray many messages that people can learn today. More Specifically in King Lear, the symbolism behind blindness and how it is cleverly paralleled between two characters in the play by Shakespeare teaches numerous morals. Of these morals, the two characters most notably emphasized to comprehend them are King Lear and Earl of Gloucester, two characters with an abundant amount of power. Even though King Lear and Gloucester hold a position of power…

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  • The Loss Of Death In Shakespeare's King Lear

    Shakespeare presents the deaths of both Gloucester and Lear in two entirely different lights. The Earl of Gloucester death is not shown on the stage and is revealed to the audience when Edgar announces that he was “too weak the conflict to support,” Shakespeare presented the death in a way that makes the importance of the dialogue not on the actual death but more so on the revenge of Edgar, the death is typically presented in a far more dramatic way for a tragic figure in greek tragedies.…

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  • The Consequences Of Knowing Humanness In William Shakespeare's King Lear

    Throughout the play, King Lear and Gloucester gain clarity after a…

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  • The Parent-Child Relationship In King Lear By William Shakespeare

    throughout the entire story is the parent-child relationship as it pertains to King Lear and his daughters and Gloucester and his two sons. In his monarchic and tragic triumph King Lear, Shakespeare is constantly playing around with the idea of the parent-child relationship. The…

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  • Theme Of Subplot In Shakespeare's King Lear

    In the rivetingly tragic play "King Lear" by Shakespeare, there is a sizable amount of themes that ricochets between the subplot and main plot. In an attempt to universalize the travesties endured by the protagonist and tragic hero, Shakespeare incorporates a significant subplot into King Lear. Although the focus clearly lies on the tragic plight of King Lear, the secondary plot involving Gloucester and his offspring mirrors and dramatizes Lear's hopeless situation. Both Lear and Gloucester…

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