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  • Spiritualism In Ann Braude's Radical Spirits

    In the annals of American religious history, spiritualism sits uncomfortably alongside fundamentalism and other conventional forms of religion that command largest portion of scholars’ attention. Ann Braude’s Radical Spirits was one of the first narratives written that documents this important but slighted movement. To the surprise of both nineteenth-century observers and contemporary scholars alike, spiritualists were consumed by the prospect of communication with the dead. Braude provides examples throughout her work of how this group of unique individuals channeled the dead through spirit mediums and/or in séances. She also provides examples detailing individuals’ claims that the dead responded with thumping, knocking and involuntary writing, and how the departed have made personal appearances in the form of spirit control and manipulation during hypnotic trances. Braude argues that spiritualism was “a central agent of feminism” (192). She uses several examples taken from…

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  • Occultism In Religion

    The word occultism derives from the Greek word occultus meaning hidden. Occultism is the study of the arts or occult practices like magic, alchemy, astrology, spiritualism and clairvoyance, among others. The interpretation of the occult and concepts can be found in the belief structures of certain philosophies and religions such as Gnosticism, Hermeticism, theosophy, Wicca, Thelma, neo-paganism or Satanism religions. The meaning of occultism is the secret knowledge and practices dealing with the…

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  • Akasha Research Paper

    The word Akasha is a Sanskrit word that has been used in modern Pagan/Wiccan practices as well as other practices was adopted in western occultism and spiritualism in the late 19th century. It is defined as the "other" of the "two worlds", the world where the witch walks through, being compared to outer space, inner space, life force and the un-manifest. In Indian cosmology Akasha is a term for "aether" meaning "upper sky" or "space" even "infinite space". To the Hinduism and Buddhism beliefs…

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  • Role Of Obstacles In Spiritual Practice

    Obstacles in spiritual practice The life we lead in today’s world is shadowed with tensions and problems. Perhaps, we are outpaced by our responsibilities in day-to-day activities or there is a problem in ourselves in our division of work in the proper manner. To maintain a healthy and peaceful lifestyle, the best possible way is to take some time out and keep it for practicing spiritualism and meditation. In spite of our mundane existence, spiritualism, if practised in the proper manner, gives…

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  • The Disappearing Spoon Chapter 1 Summary

    fitting. Since Crookes’ beard never fell out, it was thought that he was infected with selenosis (disease infected by selenium) since that was one of the classical symptom of selenosis. At the age of twenty-six, Crookes discovered the element thallium. He also was the first to suggest the idea of isotopes, and confirmed that helium was present in rocks. This lend to him finding the element protactinium in 1900. After the death of his brother, Crookes went into the spiritualism group. This led to…

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  • Religion, Religion And Romanticism In The Victorian Era

    The quality of life depended on whether you were rich or poor. If you were rich you could have a good and easy life. But if you were poor you could have a rough and hard life. The poor people had to live in miserable houses. Not only poverty also people’s outstanding religious beliefs are a characteristic of the Victorian Era. In addition, they were highly impressed by spiritualism and everything that came with it, such as thought-reading and trance. All these aspects influenced the Poets and…

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  • Rituals In The Old Testament

    Israel (Gen 38:8; Deut 25:5-10). The purpose of the levirate marriage was to continue a name and care for the widow. In the levirate marriage there was no ritual sexual cleansing. The widow was encouraged to marry within the family circle, though the widow could marry an outsider—stranger. ELLEN G. WHITE ON RITUALS An African mind has a different worldview over the subject of death. Death and funeral rituals are performed as a response to the belief that when a person dies, the spirit of the…

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  • The Art Of Walt Whitman And The Transcendentalist Movement

    Approximately two centuries have elapsed since the dissipation of a movement that completely transformed American culture. However, even after such prolonged time the influences scarred into the culture of American society from the Transcendentalist Movement still beam lively. The art of the Transcendentalists was an inclination towards the exploration and reforming of current beliefs of that era on spiritualism, literacy, and philosophy. “A religious, philosophical, and literary movement,…

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  • African American Psychology

    There are many centered ideals in different cultures around the world. For example, we have European American-centered ideals and African-centered ideals. Some differences among these two cultures are individualism, materialism, control of nature, objective, collectivism, spiritualism, harmony with nature, and subjective. The European American-centered ideals are more individualistic, materialistic, objective, and control of nature compared to the African-centered ideals. For individualism, they…

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  • Good Country People Summary

    Reading question on "Good Country People" by Flannery O 'Connor 1) In the Good Country People’s short story, Joy-Hulga is also a college educated person, but the bad is she has a bad view about Christian religious faith. She thinks the Christian religious faith is a fairly common view. The Christian religious faith needs a strong btrust about the concepts like a divine is walking the earth in a human form, rebirth from the dead and virgin birth. People that have an intelligent mind in education…

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