Role Of Obstacles In Spiritual Practice

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Obstacles in spiritual practice
The life we lead in today’s world is shadowed with tensions and problems. Perhaps, we are outpaced by our responsibilities in day-to-day activities or there is a problem in ourselves in our division of work in the proper manner.
To maintain a healthy and peaceful lifestyle, the best possible way is to take some time out and keep it for practicing spiritualism and meditation. In spite of our mundane existence, spiritualism, if practised in the proper manner, gives the much required peace of time and the strength to cope with troubles. It provides the necessary concentration that in general lacked by the individual in their daily existence.
However, it is a difficult process to switch to spiritualism suddenly while leading such a fast-paced life like ours. There are obstacles that dampen the process and make it difficult to take even the first few steps.
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One might feel that Spirituality is of no help or guidance because it is a deeply personal form and no other person may be able to help. It might also appear that who should be listened to regarding spiritual guidance or the supreme confidence that man is his best judge and nobody else can guide, may also prevail.
Defects in one’s

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