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  • Edwardsville Case Study

    “It will be funded one way or another, but anytime we have support from the community it’s going to help us achieve other projects,” Grable said. The park, which will be named after longtime resident and alderman Leon Corlew, will feature a wet play area – called a splash pad – and a dry playground. “Our splash pad is the main feature of that park, even though it will only be open during the warm months,” Grable said. “It’s something that’s unique to our community.” The splash pad will feature different zones, ranging from gentle, bubbling water to harder spraying water. It will include a dump bucket that pours water on children, active sprayers kids can control and gentle bubbles for younger children and children with disabilities. “It works its way up from your gentle bubblers to big spraying elements and active spraying elements,” Grable said. The dry playground will be a tall structure, including enclosed slides. “It’s a multi-tiered structure,” Grable said. “It’s very colorful. It has a lot of active elements. It has a lot of unique ways to get from Point A to point…

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  • Bill Johnston Memorial Park Case Study

    The Bill Johnstone Memorial Park, a small activity filled park located near the heart of Sackville on Main Street next to apartment buildings and down the street from Sackville’s favorite dining places. A park that offers a place for the town’s residents to take their pets for walks, hang out in the gazebo or picnic tables, play sports, indulge in markets and events, splash in the water pad, and more, all with the comfortability of park Wi-Fi and security of cameras. With accessibility to many…

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  • Segment Analysis Of Rushmore

    the ladder and sets the glass of whiskey down on the diving board. Another cut occurs to a close up. Mr. Blume is in the center of the frame. He takes the cigarette out of his mouth and chugs the remaining whiskey in his glass. Next, the viewer sees a birds eye view of Mr. Blume with a cigarette in his mouth, getting ready to dive into the pool. He then looks around from left to right, midway as he is looking to the right there is a cut to his point of view. A hand-held horizontal panning…

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  • Pride Of Baghdad Character Analysis

    emphasize its appearance through details with light and shadow. The illustrator also used symbolized images to emphasize the evilness of the bear. It is common to identify red eyes and sharp fangs as danger and evilness. The bear is supposed to be depicted as fearful and the red eyes and the sharp fangs drawn supports the ideal image of him, along with the color of his fur, black. The format of the page was to connect the audience with Noor and Safa with the situation of meeting an unidentified…

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  • The Transformation Of Nintendo 64 To The Playstation 4

    that’s not the main transformation this paper will be focusing on. The transformation I see the most would be between the Nintendo 64 to the PlayStation 4 consoles. The Nintendo 64 was a stepping stone for modern day gaming such as the PlayStation 4. The Nintendo 64 controller was very unique at the time. The controller itself was shaped like an M with the middle part of the M being longer than the other two parts. The controller had a 4 foot wire attached to it along with a memory card holder…

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  • Analysis Of Hyperbole By Mei Vandervelde

    Isocolon: when two parts are very similar grammatically. The author uses this to state where the character is in a straightforward way “at the edge of the waterfall at the top of the falls” because the character had finally almost made it to the infamous “launch pad” and the author wanted that to be clear. Vandervelde talks of how nice the water looks and then says in parentheses “how very misleading” she does this because she wanted to quickly insert it without having to use an entire sentence…

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  • Apollo 13: Successful And Failure

    and Failure Apollo 13 is one of the most memorable missions in NASA. Apollo 13 how about crew members on the mission. The crew was ready to launch until they had a problem with the ship. They had to hold back the mission for a couple of seconds. The Apollo 13 mission had technical problems with the spaceship. This missions took place in April, 11 1970 (apollo 13).The crew was excited to launch. The crew member worked so hard for this mission. Their names are Jim Lovell, Fred Hares, and Jack…

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  • Narrative Essay On The Day Of Tomorrow

    The Day of Tomorrow Remember men your mission depends on our future technology, future of space travel in our solar system. The four soon to be hero's walk out and down the runway to the shuttle's launch pad there over 400 feet in the air the shuttle stands enough food, water, and oxygen to supply for a month. An anxious crowd stood to watch as the four heroes stood on top of the launch pad. ¨Here we stand in front of our four heroes that will save our program, Garth, Seymour, Jeff, Gerald.¨ All…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Swimming Pool

    I nervously pick at the peeling calluses on my palm. My hands are gross; rough and peeling, I really need to stop bothering them before they start to bleed but I can't. I am too nervous. My stomach is rolling like the ocean. Woosh, whoosh. I start to pace. My bare feet splash in the puddles on the floor and I shiver. That's not good. I need to stay warm! I start to pace. There is only room for a few steps in each direction. Four small steps to the right. Three larger ones back to the start. And…

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  • Camp Widjiwagan Essay

    that most of them had been going to camp for the past couple of weeks. One reason for that was standard social groups were in place at the camp. It was not like in the movies where you have your 2 snooty people and 2 super weird people and that would be all for “social groups.” I knew that i didn’t want to be an outcast like i usually am but I found out that even the “popular” kids of the camp were weirder than me. Towards the end of the week, we stopped judging each other covertly and opened…

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