Comparing The Four Noble Truths: The Key Aspect Of Engaged Buddhism

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The four noble truths is the key aspect of engaged Buddhism because it is the fundamental teaching of Buddha’s Spiritual teachings. Through this teaching we can know the way to liberation by the way of radical transformation of the manner of human being and the way in which humans “are.” the four noble truths is the practical teaching like the teachings of dependent origination for the achieving of spiritualism of humankind.
The first noble truth is life is full of suffering that means we are suffering from illness, hunger, fear and physical and mental pain but it also goes beyond it to include the fundamental human disease that is our inability to be satisfied with life and our constant craving for more and better. Actually this dukkha is a human disease with human condition which is associated past and present action of human being. The first Noble truthstates the human deease with human condition and try to solve that. The Buddha was a great physician who shows the way to cure the human disease.The follower of engaged Buddhism also think that for our better living we have to know our diseaesaee and try to solve.
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According to Buddha craving (always desire more) and ignorance (our fundamental ignorance arise from our misconception of the word, “I.”For our ignorance we have no perfect knowledge about who and what we are and for our mistaken belief that the word “I” refers to a real entity that constitutes our identity) are the root cause of our dukkha. According to Buddha Dependent Origination impinges on the Four Noble Truths. “When this does not exist, that does not come to be”, this theory has been arised from the dependent origination. So if we could rid ourselves of craving and ignorance then suffering would not come to

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