Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola

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  • Ignatian Humanism: Spiritual Analysis

    The active, written, discursive pursuit of the incomprehensible established in Rahner’s writing acts as a form of spirituality. In this way, self-reflexivity grounded in tradition develops as spiritual theology. Evident in Ronald Modras’ Ignatian Humanism: A Dynamic Spirituality for the 21st Century, Patrick Byrne’s “The Passionateness of Being: The Legacy of Bernard Lonergan”, and Bernard Lonergan’s “Method in Theology” and “Healing and Creating in History”, I will focus on how self-reflexivity as cultivated alongside academic theology manifests in a form that heals and creates, rather than one that hates and destroys. Plurality as applied to academic theology functions to educate and mobilize the whole person – body, mind, and spirit. I…

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  • St. Ignatius Analysis

    St. Ignatius believes that we can find God in all things, at every moment, even in the most ordinary times. In the First Week of the Exercise there is a section on General Examen (SE p.25-31). The examen leads us into a relationship with a God who desires to be personally caught up in the lives of those whom he created. It is a prayer that focused on God’s presence with us in the real wold. It allows us to reflect what God is saying to us through our daily activities in participating in…

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  • St. Ignatius Of Loyola Essay

    St. Ignatius of Loyola was born in the family castle in northern Spain on October 23rd 1491. He was the last child of 13 of a wealthy noble family. During his childhood, his stepmother raised him as mother died early and his father had a job as a blacksmith. St. Ignatius of Loyola had a love for war exercises which made him join the army at the age of seventeen as to fight the French. While in the army he went into many battles without once getting injured. His experience in battles made him…

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  • The Counter-Reformation Or The Catholic Revival: Response To The Protestant Reformation

    Catholic Church, they came up with reforms such as the foundation of seminaries for priest to have legitimate guidance in their spiritual life and to educate them on the traditions of the Church. Another objective discussed was religious order. Religious Orders at the time benefitted the church in so many ways. These orders put their time into helping the sick and needy in their local communities. Some of these orders include, Capuchins, Ursulines, Theatines, Discalced, Carmelites, Barnabites,…

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  • The Jesuits Role In The Counter-Reformation

    The order of the Jesuits played a vital part in the Counter-Reformation over time the Jesuits were able to convert millions of individuals to Catholicism. The impact was so great that he was able to convert not only the people around, but around the world as well. This particular movement was founded by Ignatius de Loyola in August 1534. Ignatius de Loyola was a Spanish soldier who decided to turn into a priest. In the first set of the Jesuits there were six students and Ignatius, who decided to…

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  • Ignatian Spirituality

    The spirituality, he developed, places great emphasis on prayer, meditation and self-awareness. The Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola is the foundation of Ignatian Spirituality. The intent of The Spiritual Exercises is to discern the will of God in the retreatant’s life. Ignatian Spirituality stresses God’s presence in the ordinary activities of daily life, in our work, in our family, in our friends, in our sorrows, in our joys. It sees God always at work, inviting us to a deeper…

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  • Ignatius Of Loyola Essay

    Throughout history there has been many important individuals who have made an impact on our society, and influenced Christians around the world. Ignatius of Loyola was a man who made significant contributions by developing a systematic program for “The conquest of self, and the regulation of one’s life,” for service to the Catholic Church (Spielvogel, 281). He was gravely wounded while serving in the Spanish military fighting against the French. While slowly recuperating, Ignatius of Loyola…

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  • Society Of Jesus Research Paper

    The Society of Jesus The Society of Jesus is a Religious Order founded by Saint Ignatius of Loyola after being granted confirmation by Pope Paul II in 1540. Also known as the Jesuits, this religious order, today, is spread all over the world. They have a long history of working for the evangelization, in defense of faith and the promotion of justice in the world. “Ignatius had founded not only a new order but a new kind of order, distinctly different from the Franciscans, the Dominicans, the…

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  • The Examen In St. Ignatius Of Loyola

    Almost 500 years ago, St. Ignatius of Loyola was wounded in battle, which led him to be bed ridden for months as he recovered. During that time, he began reading books about the life of Christ and the deeds of saints. As he retreated into his own imagination, he began to see himself in a new light. He wrestled with feelings of desolation and consolation, and was able to associate these feelings with events in his life. This is how Ignatius first began learning the process of discernment. As…

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  • The Jesuits: The Rise Of The Reformation

    Around the 1500s, the Reformation began, causing a massive uproar throughout all of Europe, and as a result many Catholics converted to Protestantism. One group of the Counter-Reformers who tried to go against this movement were the Jesuits. The Jesuits were mostly active in Europe; however, they also sent missionaries all over the world to places such as India, Brazil, and Ethiopia, to gain attention through their new practice. Counter-Reformation included the Council of Trent, the Spanish…

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