Spiritual practice

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  • Daniel's Beliefs

    could use to talk with God. He knew God was ready to talk with him at any time of the day or night, so Daniel prayed constantly. He not only prayed in times of misfortune, but he also prayed when things were very good. He would not only pray for his own well-being, but also with praises towards his heavenly Father. Daniel was a man of thankful prayer and came to the Lord humbly whenever he could. Daniel’s Practice of Prayer When Daniel prayed, he prayed in absolute reverence. He would get down on his knees and surrender his whole…

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  • Dichotomy Between Academia And Spirituality Study

    juxtapositions dominate the relationship between the traditional academic life and a spiritual life. In a time when traditional Western thought advocates a dualistic approach of either/or, the relationship of spirituality to the academic life of a university could never be more at odds. For many, the potential ambiguity of spirituality undermines the very structure and pursuit of specific truth universities hold dear; however, the study and practice of spirituality encourages academic merit and…

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  • Family Prayer Research Paper

    Prayer is a vital spiritual discipline in the life of every follower of Christ and must be treated as such. Not only did Jesus demonstrate the importance of prayer through his life, but the bible blatantly commands followers of Christ to pray. Therefore, it is vital that children’s ministry make every effort to help instill this value in children, that they would make prayer a priority. However, due to the limited impact a church has on a child’s life, it is necessary for children’s ministry to…

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  • My Meditation: Improving My Life

    I told my family about my mantra practices. My mum was really interested and said she would try it with me next time. I also realize I prefer meditation in the morning rather than at night, but I need to make sure I am not thinking too much about my day when meditating before my day starts. Today was such a beautiful day outside and the weather was great too so I decided to do my mantra outside in my backyard. I really enjoyed this experience. I felt that I was able to feel more sensations by…

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  • Role Of Obstacles In Spiritual Practice

    Obstacles in spiritual practice The life we lead in today’s world is shadowed with tensions and problems. Perhaps, we are outpaced by our responsibilities in day-to-day activities or there is a problem in ourselves in our division of work in the proper manner. To maintain a healthy and peaceful lifestyle, the best possible way is to take some time out and keep it for practicing spiritualism and meditation. In spite of our mundane existence, spiritualism, if practised in the proper manner, gives…

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  • Spiritual Care: Nursing Theory Research And Practice

    Introduction In the book, “Spiritual Care: Nursing theory, research, and practice,” the author define self-awareness as listening to what is within, to that “still small voice,” an “Inner wisdom,” or “Inward light,” maybe a way to listen to and be aware of God (Taylor, E.J., 2002). The author implies of one-self, it is the personal inner being that comprises of the truth, beliefs, and intentions. To achieve the goal of wellness for the patient, Taylor suggests evaluation of one-self to the…

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  • Boyd Wink's Understanding Spiritual Warfare: Four Views

    The book “Understanding Spiritual Warfare: Four Views” provides academic views of four different perspectives and with positive engagements of contributors on the topic of spiritual warfare. This book provides me with a selection of different perspectives based on different contexts and understandings to deal with spiritual warfare. After reading the book I find myself close to the view as outlined in the ground-level deliverance model by Boyd. Wink sees spiritual warfare manifests itself in…

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  • Wilhoit's Theme Of Spiritual Formation Is The Tasks Of The Church

    He immediately makes this known in the first paragraph of Chapter 1 where he states, “Spiritual formation is the task of the church. Period. … Spiritual formation is at the heart of its whole purpose for existence.(15)” Wilhoit then goes on to provide the reader with a definition of Spiritual formation, “Christian spiritual formation refers to the intentional communal process of growing in our relationship with God and becoming conformed to Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit (26)”,…

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  • Research Paper On Beginner Level Young Learners

    students to learn faster. So to create more enjoyable, flexible and effective lesson I used games and song. These games and song help to create meaning context for the practice. To make my students ready for production I used games as controlled and guided practice. While choosing my games I paid attention the interaction they will contribute…

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  • How Does Training Affect Food Safety Work?

    find tools that will keep the staffs’ attention. The National Restaurant Association (2014) lists information search, demonstrations, and training videos. Information search is a great way to pique the trainee’s interest and allow them to explore the information on their own. For example, a trainer would provide the staff with a set of questions that need to be answered in a specific time frame and then provide the aids, such as operations manuals, posters, and staff guides, to find the…

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