Spiritual warfare

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  • Boyd Wink's Understanding Spiritual Warfare: Four Views

    The book “Understanding Spiritual Warfare: Four Views” provides academic views of four different perspectives and with positive engagements of contributors on the topic of spiritual warfare. This book provides me with a selection of different perspectives based on different contexts and understandings to deal with spiritual warfare. After reading the book I find myself close to the view as outlined in the ground-level deliverance model by Boyd. Wink sees spiritual warfare manifests itself in the world through massive institutions and social structures and systems evils. Wink’s view of “Satan is more a function than a personality”. He says that Satan is presented by Scripture as one of God’s servants rather than one of his enemies. He says that “the Satan of the Bible is more akin to an archetypal reality, a visionary or imaginal presence of the event experienced within” and that “Satan is an archetypal image of the…

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  • Spiritual Warfare Book Report

    Putting on the Armor; Equipped and Deployed for Spiritual Warfare, by Chuck Lawless Nashville: Adult Ministry Publishing, 2013. 159 pages. Reflection by Mitchell L. Thurston “…his goal [Dr. Lawless] as dean is “to produce what I call ‘discipled warriors, ‘who march into battle wearing the full armor of God.” (Lawless 2013) From the “Meet the Author” section, Dr. Lawless presents a clear narrative for the purpose of his book on the topic of Spiritual Warfare which provides the overarching…

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  • Spiritual Warfare The Battle For God's Glory Summary

    life to support the work of the God in many ways. He has been a Pastor, Youth Pastor, Associate Pastor, Director of Baptist Student Union, and Missionary. His education accomplishments include a Bachelors, Master of Divinity, and two honorary doctor degrees in divinity and missions. Currently, Dr. Rankin is President Emeritus of the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. He has also authored or co-authored several books pertaining to Christians living powerfully for…

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  • Daniel's Beliefs

    (Daniel 2) He could not go one prayer without giving all the glory to his God first. His humbleness was his secret though. Through his spiritual discipline of prayer, Daniel was extremely humble throughout it all. He would always remember that his God was his number one priority and that he should stay true to this fact as long as he lived on earth. One more interesting fact about Daniel’s good habit of prayer was that he prayed in public. He did not have any cares as to whether people would…

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  • Family Prayer Research Paper

    Prayer is a vital spiritual discipline in the life of every follower of Christ and must be treated as such. Not only did Jesus demonstrate the importance of prayer through his life, but the bible blatantly commands followers of Christ to pray. Therefore, it is vital that children’s ministry make every effort to help instill this value in children, that they would make prayer a priority. However, due to the limited impact a church has on a child’s life, it is necessary for children’s ministry to…

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  • Wilhoit's Theme Of Spiritual Formation Is The Tasks Of The Church

    He immediately makes this known in the first paragraph of Chapter 1 where he states, “Spiritual formation is the task of the church. Period. … Spiritual formation is at the heart of its whole purpose for existence.(15)” Wilhoit then goes on to provide the reader with a definition of Spiritual formation, “Christian spiritual formation refers to the intentional communal process of growing in our relationship with God and becoming conformed to Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit (26)”,…

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  • Dichotomy Between Academia And Spirituality Study

    juxtapositions dominate the relationship between the traditional academic life and a spiritual life. In a time when traditional Western thought advocates a dualistic approach of either/or, the relationship of spirituality to the academic life of a university could never be more at odds. For many, the potential ambiguity of spirituality undermines the very structure and pursuit of specific truth universities hold dear; however, the study and practice of spirituality encourages academic merit and…

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  • Personal Reflection: Areas Of Ministry

    different because it gave me so much more feedback than just telling me how I think. I love that this assessment takes a look at spiritual gifts, and then gives plenty of bible verses and explanation to help with understanding what each one means. I really believe that this was a useful tool and was very impressed by how much I actually enjoyed the results. I learned a lot of surprising things from taking this assessment such as that my top spiritual…

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  • My Meditation: Improving My Life

    I really believe, especially after today’s session, that Meditation is truly improving my life both physically and mentally. It has helped me have a more positive outlook on situations and negative events. I am now able to push negative thoughts away and replace them with more positive ones. I feel great about this progress! Today I sat on my bed right when I woke up and decided to concentrate on my breathing and meditate to start the day off right. The process feels more natural and the…

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  • The Singularity

    The evolutionary prize in our world is something humans overlook every day. It’s the power of our human brain that lets us sense the very world we live in. To touch, smell, visualize, listen, taste, and think are exactly these things that we overlook and are the answer to furthering human evolution. Humans have achieved the power to change our behavior, society, ways of life, and aspects of our physical form, thus breaking the connection with natural selection. Ray Kurzweil, a well-known…

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