Boyd Wink's Understanding Spiritual Warfare: Four Views

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The book “Understanding Spiritual Warfare: Four Views” provides academic views of four different perspectives and with positive engagements of contributors on the topic of spiritual warfare. This book provides me with a selection of different perspectives based on different contexts and understandings to deal with spiritual warfare. After reading the book I find myself close to the view as outlined in the ground-level deliverance model by Boyd.

Wink sees spiritual warfare manifests itself in the world through massive institutions and social structures and systems evils. Wink’s view of “Satan is more a function than a personality”. He says that Satan is presented by Scripture as one of God’s servants rather than one of his enemies. He says that “the Satan of the Bible is more akin to an archetypal reality, a visionary or imaginal presence of the event experienced within” and that “Satan is an archetypal image of the
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The deliverance will rescue people from the demonic activity which has led them to sin. I like how he deals with the postmodern skeptics who dispel the reality of believing in Spirits. His argument is important to establish that spiritual warfare is still real today. He provides very convincing arguments in four areas. I like to position my approach to the model based on the Scripture and he provide good reference to the Scripture and offers a model that tackles the issue. I like to know practical strategy to handle issues and he offers some good challenges for Christians to engage in spiritual warfare, which are wake up (to the reality of warfare), live a revolting lifestyle against the kingdom of Satan, and stand against demonic oppression and infirmities. I appreciate especially the challenge he suggests to Christians to live a revolting lifestyle to imitate Jesus to manifest the beauty of God’s reign in this

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