Prophetic Jesus Johnson Summary

Prophetic Jesus, Prophetic Church is a book written by Thomas Johnson. Johnson wrote this book to challenge taking the Luke-Acts Christianity into contemporary Christianity. The challenge is that the church would have an ear to hear its prophetic calling. The overall purpose of the book is to offer a scriptural foundation for the ministry of the church so that it is grounded and coherent in the ministry of Jesus. Johnson argues that Luke and Acts, presents Jesus and the apostles in terms of prophecy. According to Johnson, the position of Luke and Acts in the scriptures implies their value in the modern-day church. This challenges us to look at our contemporary Christianity, and see just how well we follow scriptures. Johnson helps the reader to understand the distinctive witness of Luke and Acts by analyzing the literature in these gospels. In the material analysis, Johnson discusses the distinguishable …show more content…
Being generous, going when God says “go”, communication with God and servant leadership, are all characteristics Johnson includes in the embodiment of a prophet. Although this “perfection” seems hard to reach, it is something the contemporary church should strive for, to be more Christ-like. Johnson analyzes the way prophetic vision is expressed through ministry of Jesus in correlation to the early church. He points out that the prophetic mission of Christ is contrary to those of other pagan nations, but also to Judaism (the Pharisees) and the Essene community who had even more religious rules. Johnson calls the contemporary church to act a little more like Jesus, to stand out from our ordinary society, and bring back the Spirit into our churches through healing and exorcism. We have to recognize the Spirit of God is willing and capable to take action, where we ignore that action must be

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