Spiritual Warfare Reflection

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Putting on the Armor; Equipped and Deployed for Spiritual Warfare, by Chuck Lawless Nashville: Adult Ministry Publishing, 2013. 159 pages. Reflection by Mitchell L. Thurston

“…his goal [Dr. Lawless] as dean is “to produce what I call ‘discipled warriors, ‘who march into battle wearing the full armor of God.” (Lawless 2013)

From the “Meet the Author” section, Dr. Lawless presents a clear narrative for the purpose of his book on the topic of Spiritual Warfare which provides the overarching theme for which becomes the master class this book delivers. The Christian belief of adhering to the biblical principles found in Ephesians 6: 10-18 (Holy Bible 2011) , known both colloquially and referred to in the biblical superscript as “The Whole [Full]
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I found myself challenged in each scenario as desiring the counsel or pastor the individuals in the scenarios, but as well challenged by key steps of foundational biblical discipleship such as reading and praying every day, confessing sin and finding an accountability partner, focusing on God’s blessings and joining a Bible Study group. The bedrock of our faith is built on Christ, “the cornerstone rejected by the builders” (Holy Bible 2011) , informed by the word of God laid out in the scriptures and encouraged and taught through …show more content…
Lawless’ study are well supported biblical precepts that present both areas of strength for me and as well weakness. Personal accountability in the areas of daily prayer and devotion were revealed to me as particular areas of weakness in my life through this study. While any Christian should desire to spend more time with God in their daily walk, particularly those seeking vocational Pastoral roles, we often find excuses to neglect this existentially important facet of Christian life. Ironically, areas of particular strength for me are evangelism, trusting the word of God, being at peace with God and with Others and being willing to be bold for God regardless the perceived risk. To ensure that my walk doesn’t stumble and or falter, I am seeking a specific mentorship relationship with my Pastor for personal discipleship and as well for ministry guidance. I will enlist the accountability of the men I meet with on Wednesday mornings for Bible Study in the areas of daily devotion and prayer and I will seek their wisdom and counsel in learning to live and walk more like

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