Daniel's Beliefs

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A Man of Prayer Daniel was born in Jerusalem. His early life was blessed from the start from God. His life was filled with fervent prayer towards God. He viewed prayer time as a special and accessible time that he could use to talk with God. He knew God was ready to talk with him at any time of the day or night, so Daniel prayed constantly. He not only prayed in times of misfortune, but he also prayed when things were very good. He would not only pray for his own well-being, but also with praises towards his heavenly Father. Daniel was a man of thankful prayer and came to the Lord humbly whenever he could.
Daniel’s Practice of Prayer When Daniel prayed, he prayed in absolute reverence. He would get down on his knees and surrender his whole
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(Daniel 2) He could not go one prayer without giving all the glory to his God first. His humbleness was his secret though. Through his spiritual discipline of prayer, Daniel was extremely humble throughout it all. He would always remember that his God was his number one priority and that he should stay true to this fact as long as he lived on earth. One more interesting fact about Daniel’s good habit of prayer was that he prayed in public. He did not have any cares as to whether people would think him crazy or not. He simply used his daily practice of prayer as an evangelism tool to …show more content…
His biggest ministry was his great discipline of prayer. He had the willpower to take time out of his life and spend time with his Creator and Father. The concept of being able to pray without ceasing is executed perfectly by Daniel when he shows how a Christian should never cease to be in prayer. He also exemplifies the attitude of a humble servant of God when he uses thankfulness during every situation.
The most remarkable story of prayer from Daniel is that of his banishment to the lions’ den in Daniel, chapter 6. Officials from the king caught Daniel praying one day and plotted to throw him into a den of lions. The king had him placed in a pit full of these hungry carnivores. Once Daniel was in the pit, he prayed and lifted his heart towards God. His believed God would help him out of his situation. God shut the mouths of the lions so they could not devour Daniel and the king came back later to find him alive. Astounded by the miracle, the king helped Daniel out of the den and threw the evil officials into it instead with their families. This shows how much faith Daniel had when he prayed to God. The Christian can continue to learn much from the life and discipline of prayer from Daniel, a great role model, and servant of

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