Spiritual formation

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  • Wilhoit's Theme Of Spiritual Formation Is The Tasks Of The Church

    He immediately makes this known in the first paragraph of Chapter 1 where he states, “Spiritual formation is the task of the church. Period. … Spiritual formation is at the heart of its whole purpose for existence.(15)” Wilhoit then goes on to provide the reader with a definition of Spiritual formation, “Christian spiritual formation refers to the intentional communal process of growing in our relationship with God and becoming conformed to Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit (26)”, with brokenness being the “Bedrock of spiritual formation,(27)”; the gospel being the “power of God for the beginning, middle, and end of salvation. It is not merely what we need to proclaim to unbelievers; the gospel also needs to permeate our entire Christian experience.(27)” He Wraps this section up with the great invitations of God, where he establishes his curriculum for Christlikeness (the four dimensions of community formation). Which are explained in detail in part two.…

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  • Christian Spiritual Formation

    1)The definition of Christian Spiritual Formation that John Ortberg gives us is simple but powerful. He defines it as " the process by which your inner self and character are shaped." "This is where the human spirit or will is given a definite character. It is where you take shape." I personally like this definition I found on (CRN)."Spiritual formation is a process, but it is also a journey through which we open our hearts to a deeper connection with God. We are not bystanders in our spiritual…

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  • Spiritual Formation In Pastoral Counseling

    How could one give pastoral counseling without the experience of spiritual formation and the implementation of prayer and faith? In order to understand the importance of pastoral counseling, one might need to know what elements are to be included. There are several types of counseling and psychological methods and remedies concerning various issues and conflicts. However, one might conclude to understand that pastoral counseling serves in an arena all by itself. When it comes to pastoral…

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  • Spiritual Formation Research Paper

    The concept of spiritual formation has been an issue of discussion for centuries. Theologians, clergy, and lay-people have sought to understand the process and procedure of a person being transformed. Although it may be difficult to articulate how an individual undergoes spiritual formation or the disciplines that will lead to spiritual formation, still individuals throughout church history has sought to discover spiritual formation. Albeit, the term spiritual formation is a relatively new…

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  • Importance Of Spiritual Formation And The Curriculum

    Spiritual Formation and the Curriculum Since spiritual formation occurs through a variety of learning experiences, and is facilitated by various programs and people, the curricular and co-curricular programs and activities must work together to effectively contribute to foster students’ spiritual growth. Each institution will approach this task differently based on a construct informed by their denominational and confessional creeds. Nevertheless, they must develop an adequate model of faith…

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  • Spiritual Formation In Biblical Times

    Spiritual formation can be an overwhelming process. As the Lord begins to mold us and shape us into His image, the process takes us out of our comfort zone, and pushes us to live by blind faith. It is a process that brings forth a lot of tears, frustration, pruning, and sadness. The process can be extreme, but it births true happiness, joy, servanthood, and the authentic person we were created to be. This paper will discuss reconciliation, transformation process, spiritual formation in the…

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  • Daniel's Beliefs

    (Daniel 2) He could not go one prayer without giving all the glory to his God first. His humbleness was his secret though. Through his spiritual discipline of prayer, Daniel was extremely humble throughout it all. He would always remember that his God was his number one priority and that he should stay true to this fact as long as he lived on earth. One more interesting fact about Daniel’s good habit of prayer was that he prayed in public. He did not have any cares as to whether people would…

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  • Identity And Self Concept Essay

    middle-childhood through early adolescence. Erikson (as cited in Crocetti, Rubini, Luyckx, & Meeus, 2008) stated, “the fundamental developmental task that individual face during adolescence is defining their identity,” (p. 983). This paper will explore the factors on middle childhood through early adolescent identity and self-concept formation. Biological, social, and cultural factors will be examined in relation to their impact on one’s development of identity and self-concept. Finally, future…

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  • Family Prayer Research Paper

    Prayer is a vital spiritual discipline in the life of every follower of Christ and must be treated as such. Not only did Jesus demonstrate the importance of prayer through his life, but the bible blatantly commands followers of Christ to pray. Therefore, it is vital that children’s ministry make every effort to help instill this value in children, that they would make prayer a priority. However, due to the limited impact a church has on a child’s life, it is necessary for children’s ministry to…

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  • Adult Interview Research Paper

    She tried an identity known as Goth: Lolita wore skinny jeans, dark eye make-up, and short hair. However, she soon realized drugs and the Goth image was not who she wanted to be. In her junior year of high school, she became involved in student council and earned straight A’s. This type of academic achievement not only made Lolita proud of herself, but it also helped her identify who she wanted to be. Lolita’s search for identity can be linked to Erik Erikson’s identity formation concept.…

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