Importance Of Spiritual Formation And The Curriculum

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Spiritual Formation and the Curriculum
Since spiritual formation occurs through a variety of learning experiences, and is facilitated by various programs and people, the curricular and co-curricular programs and activities must work together to effectively contribute to foster students’ spiritual growth. Each institution will approach this task differently based on a construct informed by their denominational and confessional creeds. Nevertheless, they must develop an adequate model of faith and learning, clearly state their spiritual outcomes, develop an effective program, apply effective practices, and incorporate valid and reliable means of assessing their objectives in order to evaluate the effectiveness of their programs. This section will focus on teaching and student development practices that foster spiritual growth and the challenges associated with assessing spiritual growth.
Faculty and staff members can facilitate spiritual growth through a variety of effective practices. One of the ways they do this is to embody a “living curriculum” through various “character chromosomes” such as humility, hospitality, incarnation, reconciliation, and an awakening of imagination that might increase the
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Religious liberty is essential for Christian institutions to accomplish their goals, giving them the freedom to spiritually form students in the manner they believe God has called them. Institutions express their faith and religious convictions through statements of faith, standards of conduct, hiring practices, and establishing various policies and practices to create a vibrant spiritual climate that is conducive to forming students into the image of Christ. However, institutions are finding it increasingly difficult to balance the demands of the law with the freedom to be a Christ-centered

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