Spiritual Formation In Pastoral Counseling

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How could one give pastoral counseling without the experience of spiritual formation and the implementation of prayer and faith? In order to understand the importance of pastoral counseling, one might need to know what elements are to be included. There are several types of counseling and psychological methods and remedies concerning various issues and conflicts. However, one might conclude to understand that pastoral counseling serves in an arena all by itself. When it comes to pastoral counseling, faith, prayer, and spiritual formation all play very significant and vital roles.
Faith is very similar and is often associated with belief. Any Christian who truly understands faith and realizes its importance in their walk with God may say that
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Prayer can simply be defined as someone’s communication to God; often giving thanks or making a request made known. Prayer is important both for the counselor and client. A pastoral counselor may pray for guidance as to how he or she may better be of assistance to their client. In the same sense, the client must realize that the counselor is not the ultimate source of their help and should strive to commune with God daily to seek wisdom and understanding. Gubi (2001) says that he uses the covert use of prayer to know that his clients are protected because their lives are not in his hands. He puts them in God’s hands and he knows that God is taking care of them. Many counselors may struggle with physical and emotional disorders as a result of taking one the cares and burdens of their clients. Yet, a counselor that prays can have peace knowing that God is the ultimate counselor and caretaker. The implementation of prayer during a counseling session is also a great way to seek wisdom and knowledge concerning a conflict or issue. The bible says that when two or three are gathered in my name, there I will be in the midst (Matthew 18:20). There is so much assurance in that scripture knowing that God promises to meet his people when two or more are gathered in his name. Prayer implemented between a client and counselor may serve as a chance for God to speak and reveal himself and his plan for a specific …show more content…
Next, it is important that pastoral counselors show their journey of spiritual formation in order to better relate and reach their client. Lastly, pastoral counselors must be cautions in not taking on the pressures of their clients. Communicating and trusting in God to handle the situation puts Him in charge. Ultimately God reigns supreme and has control over the situations that we do not. Communicate with Him and make your request know. The list of elements that should be included in pastoral counseling may go on. However, the elements discussed were found to be most critical for the success of both the pastoral counselor and Christian client. Through faith, prayer, and spiritual formation, pastoral counseling shows to be very

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