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  • Political Beliefs Of Alexander Hamilton Vs. Jefferson

    As is today, unfortunatley a politiians general belief may conflict with what they "know" is the right thing to do in the situation. Take the Louisiana Purchase by Jefferson. We see earlier that unless the Constitution stated a power was specifically granted to the federal government, it would be transfered to the state. However, at this time, Jefferson as president, was altering treaties and ultimately buying land when he himself admitted it was unconstitutional in private. Jefferson believed in the land so much that he knew his contradiction would not be as powerful as the production of the newly acquired…

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  • Political And Economic Differences Between Hamilton And Alexander Hamilton

    political parties, it wasn’t long until they began to emerge. Filling the cabinet with tension, Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of Treasury, and Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of State, brought upon new challenges for American politics in the eighteenth century, when they brought two very incompatible visions of what they hoped America’s future would look like to the plate. Additionally, their political and economic differences greatly…

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  • Alexander Hamilton Beliefs

    When Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers, is mentioned, he is immediately associated with his work as the first Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, his avid support of the Federalists, his aid in the creation of American currency and the national treasury, and his undoubted conviction to uphold his ideals. Within the realm of these topics, controversy abounds, without even considering the nature of his death: he was killed as the result of a duel with Aaron Burr in 1804…

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  • Alexander Hamilton Background

    Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “Hamilton” derives its success in the musical industry not only for its entertainment, but also for accurately translating the history of Alexander Hamilton into a modern art that is relatable and cognizable for a new generation of learners. Though critics of the performance argue that too much focus is given to the personal elements of Hamilton’s life and tenure as a Founding Father, these elements are what make Hamilton a unique historical figure. If no attention was paid…

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  • Alexander Hamilton Summary

    Alexander Hamilton - An overall summary of Alexander’s life and how he overcame many struggles throughout his life, leading up to his voyage to New York in search of education. Aaron Burr, Sir - As he is attending college, Alexander hears about a man named Aaron Burr, a scholar known for graduating early among his class. Alexander learns about Aaron Burr’s success and seeks an accelerated course of study, so he can graduate within 2 years rather than 4 and join the revolution. In 1776, after…

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  • Alexander Hamilton Influence

    Alexander Hamilton is one of the most influential founding fathers of the United States. There was no greater fan of the US Constitution than Alexander Hamilton. Although he was widely criticized for having “British tendencies” especially in regards to his financial plans for the US, he loved his country dearly and only wanted to see it grow and succeed on the world stage. He is one of two men to have their faces printed on a bill – the other being Benjamin Franklin. Alexander Hamilton was…

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  • Biography Of Alexander Hamilton

    which led America to its incredible rise in XIX-XX centuries. To fill the blank space in my knowledge, I decided to start my exploration from learning the strange financial system of the United States. Therefore, my choice fell on Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretory of the Treasury. Having thought between two books about one of the father founders, I took the book with the best reviews I found. The reason behind this…

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  • The Hamilton Mixtape Analysis

    Back in 2009, Lin Manuel Miranda performed at the yearly White House Poetry Jam. He was working on a concept album who he thought represented hip-hop, former U.S. Treasury, Alexander Hamilton. At the time, many people did not take it seriously, but six years later, his musical and concept album on Alexander Hamilton have become a wild hit. His concept album has sold over 2,000,000 units in the United States and reached number 3 on the Billboard Hot 200. Just recently, the first volume of The…

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  • Alexander Hamilton Goals

    Federalist and the first Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton created a permanent debt and national bank to make sure the United States had a good credit to secure loans from the financiers in hope to gain profit. Although James Madison and Jefferson opposed against Hamilton’s creation because it was “unconstitutional”, President Washington signed the legislation and it was enabled. Alexander Hamilton wanted to enhance national authority and assist financiers and merchants. Hamilton…

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  • Alexander Hamilton: A Hero Or Hero?

    contradictory conduct to beliefs. One of those who saw through all of Jefferson’s accomplishments was Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton was an immigrant from Nevis, British West Indies who is often remembered as being the creator of our National Bank System and as Thomas Jefferson’s counterpart. Despite being broadly remembered in history as Thomas Jefferson’s rival and enemy, Alexander Hamilton should be remembered as a hero and an profound scholar for his intellect, ideals, accomplishments as a…

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