Hand strength

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  • Ball Tossing Game Report

    her right hand to hold the ball on her right side and ask M.B. to use her left hand to cross and touch the balloon to encourage crossing midline. After touching the balloon, the therapist will switch hand to hold the balloon on her left side and ask M.B. to use her right hand to touch the balloon. Once each position of the ball…

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  • Mild Trauma Case Study

    muscle strength. The Dynamometry may test his grip and pinch strength, and Wolf Motor Function Test (WMFT) is designed to access the motor ability from moderate to severe UE motor deficit. Process skills are affected by immobility, delayed in choosing a proper equipment for the activities, sequencing, and initiating/terminating tasks. Social interaction skills remain functional. The Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder, and Hand (DASH). Performance Patterns The Routines and roles need to…

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  • Artemisia Gentileschi: Baroque Artist

    be only understood as the products of the artists experience as a woman, especially her rape” (Neuman, 67). Even though many painters during this time produced works that were more interested in beauty and the face, Artemisia’s strengths were in painting hands and strong women. According to Garrard “the hand speaks through movement and shape,” (4) and hands have a “gender dimension” (5). Artemisia’s hands tend to be more determined and…

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  • The Importance Of Viewing Yourself

    good experience, at least for me, because you notice all of the things you don’t notice when you were in the act of speaking or doing whatever was being filmed. However, watching yourself is a good way to notice your strengths and weaknesses as a public speaker. I know that I tend to look at myself more critically when I watch the recordings, but it was also interesting to see what I did and what I should change/keep the same for the future. Looking at both videos together, I noticed that my…

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  • Creature And The Death Scenes In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

    He is unsteady on his feet and incapable of articulate speech. He understands gestures. The Creature views Maria’s giving of her hand and then flowers as a sign of kindness. The Creature smiles and laughs. His mood is light and blissful. He lives in the moment, rather than generating complex plans of action for the future. The Creature’s assumption that if flowers float, then the pretty human could float too, displays some intellect. The Creature is portrayed as a playful, innocent, and in…

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  • Case Study On Ryan's Relationship With Her Father

    15. You notice that Ryan 's mother tries to pull his arms through the sleeves of his shirt/jacket from his hands. She tells you that he is stubborn and just pulls the other way when she 's trying to dress him. Discuss why "physiologically" this is happening and offer some suggestions you might make to Ryan 's mother to make dressing easier. In children with CP, it can be difficult to dress and undress due to unwanted movements caused by stiffness related to tone. I would demonstrate a tapping…

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  • Examples Of Alternate Ending For 1984

    out the fire that Leo had started and a bleary eyed and Nico, whose bed head made them all want to die of laughter. Snapping back to reality and as if they had arranged everything beforehand the group sprang into action. Percy, Thalia and Annabeth went to assist Jason in putting out the fire, which had rapidly spread to other furniture, considering most of the furniture was made of a very flammable wood. The Stolls on the other hand, decided to do something less useful and had quickly taken out…

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  • Personal Narrative: Geraldine Baptist

    whips, change bed sheets and pillowcases after patient use. Then, I was taken to a back room area where all tools, equipment, and medical resources were kept. Maggie introduced and demonstrated the equipment that was used by OT’s such as, ice packs and hot packs for therapeutic purposes, which I was also expected to prepare when advised. I was then introduced to more therapeutic resources for hand, shoulder and wrist injuries, such as dumbbells, dressing book, thera-puddy, digi-flex, finger…

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  • My Speech: A Comparison Of A Speech

    However, I do have many weaknesses. For example, I will easily apply some movements to my speech, such as touching my hair, wringing my hands, or shrinking my shoulders. Other than that, I always stop the speech because of my unfamiliar with the article, especially the problem of the pronunciation. Sometimes, because of the unfamiliar with the text, when I am trying to remember something, my eyes will look at the upper right direction, which I believe that will look uncomfortable. These two…

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  • Free Throw Persuasive Speech

    happen in one motion. Bend your knees and hips and as you come up, bring your hands up so that the thumb on your dominant hand goes past your eye and is level with your eyebrow. Remember to keep the 90 degree angle this whole time. The off hand thumb should be in line with the middle of your nose and should end level with the middle of your forehead, remember elbow position. Bring your arm up and forward so it is about 45 degrees from your body, and let your elbow become straight as you release…

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