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  • Mallet Finger Injury

    by another hand (Cooper & Elsevier, 2007). Mallet finger will affect a client’s eating pattern because it would be hard for them to grasp the spoon. With this condition, the client will not be able to fully wrap their finger around an eating utensil or another object in general. Individuals may encounter Mallet finger deformity by doing different types of firm contact with the fingers. A mallet finger injury may occur by a forced trauma to the fingertips when being curled in, or when they are straightened out. Mallet finger may be caused by pulled, torn, ruptured…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Do We Fight Or Flight?

    We were told repeatedly how lucky we were that the accident happened when the hand specialist was on call. I guess I understood the sentiment but it was hard to fully concur. Lucky??…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Three Injuries

    It was a new team, new season, and fresh off of an injury. I was looking great with all-star intentions. All-star is where the elite players play around summer time. And I was heading there trust me, but then again tragedy struck. One day at practice on a routine pop fly I did everything right but one thing. That was I had put my right hand in the wrong spot. Your throwing hand should go behind the glove that way you don’t injure yourself. But for some reason I decided to put hand along the palm…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Day At My Internship Experience

    Today was my first day at my internship at Vermont Sports Medicine. I observed Deb. I saw many different patients who had all had different types of personalities, and many different type of injuries. It was interesting to me to hear how they performed their injuries, and how they deal with the pain. I also saw many techniques that she performed on them such as using hot pads, taking sonograms, and evening looking at x-rays. One thing that I really liked was how unique each patient was. I also…

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  • Hero's Journey: A Narrative Fiction

    ACTION Blip. Blip. Buzz. Text messages one after another came on Asian Name’s iPhone screen. They read, “Where are you? We’re waiting! Don’t forget the vodka! You promised to bring it.” Instead of hurrying out the door, she slowly walked toward her dresser and stared at herself in mirror. Her narrow, oblong face with prominent cheekbones and that small cleft chin were so abhorrent. Her slit-like eyes were mere dabs of royal blue that sat below her excessively thick, dark, high arched eyebrows.…

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  • Race-Personal Narrative

    It all started on a nice summer day everything started off so great. Me and my cousins were outside throwing football, baseball and riding bikes all day long. We went inside to eat lunch, when we were at the table eating. My cousin Alex asked me to race him after we got done eating. We went outside and lined up our bikes where we were going to race. My mom came outside and told us not to race because someone is going to get hurt, I kinda just shook her off and we raced anyways. At the starting…

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  • Accident Essay

    I then told my supervisor” no not yet” but on the way to Surgicare over on Hillside I told my boss to go ahead and call my wife to let her know where we were headed. So at that time my boss called my wife and let her know that I was involved in an accident at work, and we were headed to Surgicare on Hillside and she met us there just before I went in for surgery on my right middle finger. They called it an amputation revision of the right middle finger, all in all I would much rather have my…

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  • Descriptive Essay: A Day At The Fairgrounds

    the road towards the fairgrounds. The traffic was backed up for at least two miles and my brother and I were restless. At just 9 and 12 we had visions of hot dogs and funnel cakes swimming through our minds, making us ask consistently when we will be there. At almost nine o’clock we finally pull up onto the makeshift dirt driveway heading into the massive parking lot, which was really only a field. A man looking to be at least twenty years old, dressed in a fluorescent yellow vest pointed us…

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  • Artemisia Gentileschi: Baroque Artist

    understood as the products of the artists experience as a woman, especially her rape” (Neuman, 67). Even though many painters during this time produced works that were more interested in beauty and the face, Artemisia’s strengths were in painting hands and strong women. According to Garrard “the hand speaks through movement and shape,” (4) and hands have a “gender dimension” (5). Artemisia’s hands tend to be more determined and…

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  • Alfred A. Montapert: A Short Story

    Licking my lips in anticipation, I grabbed the last one, the others having already been consumed by my also-very-hungry sister. As I washed it off, I realized that there was a chunk in this veggie that had gone bad. Man, was I in a predicament. I knew that I couldn’t eat it, but I really wanted to eat it. All I would have to do, I thought, is slice that bad part off. Now, my parents were constantly preaching to my sister and I that knives were off limits. Unfortunately for me, I made the gaffe…

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